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Exclamation TOP is back in utero
Posted by: crispier taco - 20-08-2018, 09:38 AM - Forum: Unrealpolitik - Replies (12)

Geoff Simmonds Wrote:The Opportunities Party (TOP) is alive and kicking, and I want to thank you for the part you've played in that.

Now it’s time for us all to step up.

I will be taking over as Interim Leader. The other Board members are Timaru’s Olly Wilson and Wellington’s Paddy Plunket.

Kind of hoping against hope that Geoff will remain leader of TOP. Excited to see this survived abortion, here's hoping it makes it to term and eats its veges and becomes a big strong boy that all mothers can be proud of

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  Property Tax
Posted by: Kalazarc - 16-08-2018, 10:57 PM - Forum: Unrealpolitik - Replies (26)

Should we tax property? I think so.

Seems to me one of the biggest problems facing New Zealand (and most of the rest of the world) is wealth inequality. In NZ the top 1% owns 22% of the total wealth (inc. assets, savings, investments, debts etc), the top 20% own 49% of the wealth.

The way the NZ economy is set up, most of this wealth is tied up in property. So maybe we should tax it?

I don't have an issue with rich people, but as a general rule the percentage a person's wealth that is fed back into the economy is inversely proportional to their total wealth. Poor people have to spend 100% of their income to get by (which is largely spent in local shops etc), rich people have to spend very little of their income to get by, and a large portion of what they spend is overseas (travel, investment, online shopping etc). Having uber rich people ties a lot of our country's wealth up, which I feel must stagnate our economy. The "trickle down" effect has well and truly been disproved at this point.

So, how do we get this 49% of our country's wealth to start flowing again? I reckon property might help. Thoughts?

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Music free speech concerns in USA and NZ ?
Posted by: crispier taco - 12-08-2018, 08:28 PM - Forum: Unrealpolitik - Replies (9)

skip to 2:30

you probably only need to listen up from 2:30 to 3:30 for what I'm going on
I'm not especially sympathetic to the alt-right, but I'm not sure how I feel about these people getting so censored, or companies like Paypal apparently banning users for political reasons?

any thoughts anybody?
I feel like we could tie this into the free speech issues in NZ recently (Molyneux,Southern being deplatformed, Don Brash being uninvited to a Massey Uni event), but I haven't really done any real reading on that either haha

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  metal gear solid
Posted by: ████ - 09-08-2018, 08:53 PM - Forum: Video Game Discussion - Replies (1)

is there any way metal gear solid could make a good movie? is it wrong to have any faith in video game movies?

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  phat games
Posted by: ████ - 09-08-2018, 03:44 AM - Forum: Video Game Discussion - Replies (9)

DOOM is 80 gbs. Tekken 7 is 80 gbs. I want to buy DOOM, but there's actually not enough space on my harddrive for it. wtf, it feels like I'm using a console or something. 240gb SSD on a modernish laptop and it's a real concern when buying games. what is this. On-jail-crazy-rabbit-emoticon

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  enter the gungeon review thread
Posted by: ████ - 08-08-2018, 03:46 AM - Forum: TVGF Discussion - Replies (1)

this forum needs to man up.

let me tell you a story son. before heroin, before alcohol and hentai, addiction existed in it's most pure and virgin form:  the world of warcraft. classic wow, henceforth chad wow enjoyed the company of many, including females. the nights were long and the pussy aplenty. neckbeards slew in packs, while the petite newcomers battled in the looking for raid chat.

we all know the story. the beardlord blizzard tricked players into a life of convenience and oestrogen. no longer survival of the highest stamina, our fellows girth faded, their hunting instinct satisfied by the soy of auto-raid features. no longer would a weeb depart from his tavern in hopes of conquest. 

now, a similar fate falls upon this forum. we are nagged both by our leader, and the server itself. subforums upon subforums bow to every user's demands for organization and submission.

make them come. make them beg for updates, checking a singular forum twice, thrice daily for our superior content. put away the nagging of convenience, the masturbation of instant alerts, the porn of subforums. break your users into commitment.

take the red pill.

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  Octopath Traveller? More like...
Posted by: NZs no.3 - 07-08-2018, 08:17 PM - Forum: Video Game Discussion - Replies (6)

...Octopath 'huh this is a pretty dam decent game'.

Who here has a Switch? Trick ques-FALSE QUESTION BRA. No one except me is has one I think.

Pretty fucking good game tho. It's basically a nice modern version of old school JRPG's from the early Final Fantasy era. Pretty reminiscent of FFV and FFVI. The game is brand new IP from  the Bravely Default team who made games you only now just heard about from this sentence for the 3DS that are apparently really good for the same reason as this now tiny paragraph.

Anyway, the games good like I said and have now said typed again. Got some HD pixel art going on which is code for we made the game in Unreal Engine then slapped a nice pixel art aesthetic over top of everything. Blow me down I have no problem with this and it looks really dam good. This is also a Nintendo Switch exclusive btw just in case you want it anywhere else.

So it's called Octopath Traveler right. But what could that mean? Well Octopath is clearly some sort of play on words to do with the number eight or Octopuses? So immediately you are like 'well shit this is Japan we are talking about, I've seen what they do with Octopuses' [1]  But then you'll see the word TRAVELER. Which clearly means there are 8 characters in this game and they all have their own little fun stories and you walk around adding them to your party as you come across em.

But yeah gameplay its a classic turn based JRPG with like an awesome job system and 8 characters each a unique class. Each character has a cool skill you can use in towns and shit. I like this because Olberic's skill (hes a tank ass knight), is to challenge anyone in town to a duel for extra EXP. Which is funny because after his opening chapter the old town master was like we are forever in debt to you please be safe on your journey then after his chatter I immediately challenged him to a duel and WHIPPED HIS OLD FUCKING ASS and left him unconscious in the middle of the street. 10/10.

Anyway enjoy some pretty screenshots:

[Image: ovhoi7Z.jpg]

[Image: FMjqLug.jpg]

[Image: CnY0K1x.jpg]

[Image: 66d7vLQ.jpg]

[1] See: Hentai

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Posted by: ████ - 06-08-2018, 12:27 AM - Forum: Unrealpolitik - Replies (19)

anyone want to take bets on trump getting impeached? I figure it's still pretty unlikely but thats how I like to bet: with the odds against me and the stakes far away in another country.

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  so im like
Posted by: ████ - 06-08-2018, 12:15 AM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (9)

lets play some games on the weekend. 
it didn't happen. go figure.

but I did some good work on one of my gamemaker games. I have two in the works, one you go through dungeons opening cages with monsters in them and when that's all done you have to run away from all of them! it's fun! sorta. the other is a fighter platformer with a samoan/hawaiian/generic pacific islander sorta feel and destructable terrain. every so often, I thought I'd do an update! maybe most screenshots and stuff.

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  enter the gungeon
Posted by: ████ - 06-08-2018, 12:07 AM - Forum: Video Game Discussion - Replies (2)

tekken 7 is an amazing game. 
40+ characters, some with over 100+ moves. bears. with an s. there are multiple species of playable bears. both plot relevant. and what a plot it is. I haven't touched the campaign actually but I'm assuming it takes the baton from the standalone movie spinoff don't watch it it's garbage.
not just bears, but there's a tiger. a real like tiger. in tekken. shit is insane. he does wrestling moves.

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  Top Dog the forum?
Posted by: NZs no.3 - 31-07-2018, 08:31 PM - Forum: TVGF Discussion - Replies (3)

(31-07-2018, 08:29 PM)████ Wrote: new forum theme - topdog?

[Image: 8oPEyqt.png]


[Image: 8oPEyqt.png]

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Rainbow The Spinoff app
Posted by: crispier taco - 30-07-2018, 10:37 PM - Forum: Unrealpolitik - Replies (2)

Hey you've all heard of The Spinoff: It is "New Zealand’s fastest growing online media brand".

It's politics heavy, and frequently post articles submitted by New Zealand politicians including Steven Joyce, David Seymour, Nikki Kaye, Jacinda Ardern, Golriz Gharahman, Geoff Simmonds, Peter Dunne, some petroleum exploration company.

It's left-leaning but it doesn't come off as partisan, and doesn't pull punches in its criticism of Labour and Greens.

They recently made their app free, I really recommend people download it for an easy window into NZ politics that isn't Stuff

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