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  ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS - Announcement Trailer
Posted by: NZs no.3 - 26-06-2019, 08:03 AM - Forum: Video Game Discussion - Replies (6)

Looks like an arena fighter, so might be trash? Also if Saitama sin't OP then they are doing it wrong.

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  recent happenings in turkey
Posted by: womblemuppet - 25-06-2019, 08:09 AM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (1)


yay for democracy. will this lead to a new era of instability? do I have any idea what I'm talking about? no. but I'm curious so I'm going to keep you guys up to date via uninformed musings.

Topdog Topdog Topdog Topdog

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  Games You've Completed 2017/18/19?
Posted by: benswitch - 25-06-2019, 12:10 AM - Forum: Video Game Discussion - Replies (17)

Just writing a list of games I've completed in the last few years. What are some of yours? What surprised you (hidden gems/hype jobs)?

Breath of the Wild -WiiU...Refreshing and a really good experience. 10/10
Ocarina of Time -N64....Again, I really wanted to see after beating Breath of the Wild if I had the same love for this Zelda game. It's been my favourite for a long long time! 10/10 Conclusion torn between the new and the rose-tinted nostalgic journey. 
Bayonetta -WiiU... Fun but meh, Just a devil may cry/god of war game in a new skin. 6/10
Klonoa -Wii... Really great games 2.5D platformer. A remake of the PS1 game 8.5/10...maybe a 9.
Luigi's Mansion -NGC... Nice and unique game. 8/10 
FFX -PS2  9.5/10
Kingdom Hearts 1 -PS2  8.5/10
Kingdom Hearts 2 -PS2  8.5/10
The Last of Us -PS4       9.5/10
Xenoblade X -WiiU... Meh, the characters' stories are only developed through side quests so you really don't care for or connect with them(Unless you dive into 200hours). Good concept and nice open world. 7/10
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 -NS ... 140 hours later, if you enjoyed the Wii original you'll enjoy this. 10/10 Most other users I imagine will feel it's a 7/10.
Heavy Rain -PS3 6/10
Beyond Two Souls -PS3 6/10
Uncharted 2 -PS3... Overrated pretty boring maybe I had it ruined by the hype. 7/10
Beavis and Butthead -SMD... Great co-op sega game tough as nails! 7/10
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe -NS... A great entry in the Mario Kart Series 8.5/10

South Park Stick of Truth -360... What a refreshing take on the RPG genre but too easy. Great for a laugh and cruisy RPG. 9/10
South Park Fracture But Whole -NS... I had to after the first! Combat developed from turn-based RPG to a fire emblem turn-based strategy game at first I wasn't sold by the end I was. 8.5/10
Pokken -NS... Meh, fun idea but boring. 6/10
Mario Oddesy -NS... Brilliant! This Galaxy 1/2 and Super Mario 64 are 10/10.
Mario Tennis Aces -NS... Great multiplayer game, the story mode was a nice try but it just missed being fun somehow. 6/10
Batman Tell Tales -NS... 6.5/10
God of War -PS4 This is how you refresh a franchise, great character development, doesn't forget its roots, the story is good the bond between father and son was done well. Combat done well, the right ratio of puzzles, combat and story. 10/10
Horizon Zero Dawn -PS4... Great game! Fun story, great combat, Scenic and 9/10
Bio Shock infinite -360... Crazy story! Mind bender but the gameplay was meh. 6.5/10
Super Smash Ultimate -NS... World of light was meh but you know why we get Smash. The multiplayer and character variety is great! 9/10
Dragon Fighters Z  -NS...7/10
Octopath Traveller -NS... What a beautiful game design! What a tribute to the 16-bit RPGs of yesteryear! Games a high 9/10.
Crash n'sane trilogy -NS... Harder than I remember...7/10
Spyro Year of the Dragon -PS1... Like an old friend coming to visit. This game is a casual stroll and an easy game to fully complete 9/10
The Bridge -NS... Surprised me 4 dollar game and I enjoyed solving puzzles. 6.5/10
Pokemon Quest -NS..I fell down the rabbit hole here 250 hours. It's not a good game but it was free and I.. I.. I like pokemon? I think I just wanted to catch them all. 4/10
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 -NS... Meh 4.5/10, Kind of fun in the beginning but repetitive.
Fable 3 -360...Meh 4/10
Catherine -PS3... Ohhhhhh. A must play for me it's a 9/10 but I loved the puzzle solving as a kid I'd hate a puzzle solver as an adult they've grown on me!
Yoshi Story -N64... If you're ever feeling down the colours are sure to brighten up your day and easy platformer that never got the credit it deserved 8/10
Pokemon Alpha Saphire -3DS... 6.5/10
Streets of Rage -SMD... 7.5/10
Final Fight - SegaCD... 6.5/10
Breath of the Wild...Again and DLC -NS 10/10

Batman VR - PS4... Introduction to VR mind-blowing and sold me on the idea short but solid game! 7/10
Tricky Towers -NS... Great for everyone! Non-gamers just brings everyone one in simple concept. Easy to play hard to master. 8/10
Crawl -NS... A great example of don't judge a book by it's cover. I really didn't think I like this game! I've had a blast play this with friends a great multiplayer game! 7.5/10 
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna - NS... With Xenoblade Chronicles (wii) and Chronicles 2(switch) being in my favourite games of all time I really wanted to enjoy this prequel to #2 the story was fulfilling, mechanics were good but the was just compulsory side quests to progress the games it was just a cheap money grab but the visuals and world was great so it was a missed opportunity...sign... Inner fanboy took the hook, line and sinker on this one 5/10
Super Mario Party -NS... Really glad the game went back to its origins a step in the right direction but it was missing the brutality of the first 7 games. 6.5/10
Wind Jammers - PS4... Didn't understand the hype, I thought it was going to be boring...My physical copy from limited run games is in the mail....8/10
Tekken 3 - Pi... My favourite in the series I grew up playing this version, went through unlocked all the characters. Love this game 8.5/10 
Dragons Lair - Sega CD 6/10... So you think dark souls is hard? Try this game in original form with no prompts....
Wirehead - Sega CD 6/10 I feel it deserves but the got 7.5/10 enjoyment from it. A movie you control there was an era on the Mega CD where video base games became a thing like dragons lair. A friend and I played this for like 4 hours trying to memorise how to get to the end. Part of what made it so fun just sitting down with a friend I think. Like the good old days.

Majoras Mask -N64... 9/10. maybe an 8/10 is it overrated?
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance -NGC... 8.5/10 Long game, tough and intensive combat permanently losing units is a learning curve!
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn -Wii ...9/10 It's just a step up from its previous game seriously a hidden gem here.
Undertale -NS... 9/10 maybe even a 10/10 I'm unsure. It plays with your typical RPG tropes and warps them. Must play in my book.
Let's Go Pikachu -NS...7.5/10
Wonder Boy Dragons ...Trap -NS 7.5/10
Grimm Fandango -NS ...7.5/10
Skyrim -NS... 8.5/10 I'm late to the party here, it's clunky but for how old the game is what a gem! Maybe its rating should be higher.
Persona 3 -PS2... 7/10 Hype killed it for me, it was lacklustre.
Alex Kidd -SMD... 5/10 SMS original I feel was better.
Metal Slug 1 -Pi ...7/10
Metal Slug 2 -Pi ...7/10
Metal Slug 3 -Pi ...7/10 
Metal Slug 4 -Pi... 7/10
Metal Slug 6 -  I haven't played, I stand corrected four in a row melted my mind! Great games! But they don't change much, bad guys, aliens... and oh wait Zombies!?
Valiant Hearts -NS... Nice surprise here, I wasn't expecting much but great little gem here. 7/10 
Master of Darkness -SMS... 7/10 certain parts easy and others...
Dr Mario -N64... 6/10 I dig this game!
Kingdom Heart 3 -PS4... 6.5/10
Pandoras Tower -Wii...  9.5/10 hidden Gem. Great dungeon design, an interesting mix of JRPG and a shadow of the colossus feel here.
Spec Ops -PS3 7/10 Great wee gem.

C.T.R. - NS remake 9.5/10 tied with Mario Kart 64 for greatest kart racer of all time
Dragon Quest Builders 2 - 8/10 NS I don't even know if it's good I'm just so addicted....

Working my way through these still in 2019
Bayonetta 2, one boss fight in
Hollow Knight, 12 hours in rage quit...
Wonder Boy Monster World, very beginning
Wind Waker, currently looking for tri force and on that note Fu#k Tingle!
EarthBound, Used pencil sharpener to move pencil rock.
Hyrule Warriors, 6 missions in
Link to the past 9, dungeons in of I believe 11 or 12.

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  Dark Sooooouls is really good
Posted by: NZs no.3 - 23-06-2019, 06:21 PM - Forum: Video Game Discussion - Replies (24)

So this would have made really good content for the forum about a month ago,  but I don't play games as we all know.

I fulfilled a blood oath (thanks Jargonion) and once I moved into my new house I bought the Dark Souls trilogy for PS4 (pretty cheap to get physical copy) and started on DS2 as promised..

I've played DS1 a few years ago (regular edition) on PC and got about 3/4 through with only 3 bosses left. DS1 is pretty old now and slow and clunky as fuck so I don't think I'll go back.

DS2 however has been sold to me as being a dam good jam and a must play. And yeah, it really is. Dam fine game and fuck I loved it. Let's review:

- not nearly as slow and clunky as I had previously been lead to believe (compared to bloodborne and ds3)
- boat loads of content In the Scholar of the First Sin version. The whole game was revamped. Difficultly tweaks, redid enemy placements,  new bosses and items etc. Plus all dlc bundled in.
- bonfire aesthetics are a cool mechanic that never lived past 2. Which is a shame.
- 80% of the bosses are an absolute push over. For a dark souls game I didn't struggle much at all. I did maybe 70% of the game by myself and only ever had real trouble with one boss: the Smelter Demon. Eventually I cooped him with Jargonion. The rest of the game I didn't have trouble with many of the bosses at all. If I didn't kill them the first time, I killed them the second time.
- too ezy with npcs maybe. Last boss game me access to 3 npcs. Boy we rocked that last 3 boss fight.
- DLC's: get Fucking hard mode. Once I got to the dlcs then the difficulty really jumped. Fuck the Fume Knight. He was a serious challenge that I always got so close to beating before he pulled out a move I had never seen. Turns out he's ranked one of the most difficult bosses of the whole series. Ended up cheesing him with 4 human players.
- I don't care how bad you are at games, if you can't beat bosses with 6 people then you might as well end yourself.

In conclusion, it's a 10/10 game. Loved it. Got me right back into the groove of a souls game. So I started DS3 a few days later.

Currently I am 20 hours into DS3 and as a review in process I'll say:
- better than DS2 for sure. Combat is fast and fluid just like Bloodborne which I love
- way harder, I swear! I am having way more trouble with areas and bosses than I did in DS2.
- way less souls? Pretty sure in general I'm getting less souls and leveling up slower than I did in DS2
- asset and boss copy and paste galore. I know it's set in the same region, but you can see some ideas being stretched out here. Reskin bosses, enemies and some areas. Assets from bloodborne are also present in this game. It's a minor gripe, but still.
- that area in Anor Londo where you have to run along small sections of a cathedral roof with silver knights firing giant arrows from great bows is in this game. It was bs in DS1 and it's bs on DS3. Git gud and fuck me up why don't you
- no armor upgrades. I think that's for the best. It actually makes armor sets unique and each set is different. Instead of finding an OK set then upgrading it enough so nothing else is close to it.
- not a fan of being auto summoned to defend or invade for your faction of choice. It interrupts your play session. Its lead to me unequiping my faction so it doesn't happen. If I want to do multiplayer, it has to be voluntary, not automatic. I don't mind getting invaded randomly, but I don't like bring forced to invade someone.

I will continue to post my DS3 journey. Im guessing I'm about half way through at this point. 2 of the 4 lords of cinder are dead.


Sekiro is my favorite as a stand alone, followed by Bloodborne. So:
Serkiro >= Bloodborne > Dark Souls 2 > Dark Souls 1

Let's see where Dark Souls 3 falls once I'm done.

Forgot to mention. As per From Software standard, level design is impeccable and one of the best parts of their games. Ds2 and ds3 are fantastic in this regard.

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  Government to auction 1 000 wild animals
Posted by: tampenthusiast - 17-06-2019, 01:00 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (5)

[Image: Nat2.jpg]
THE government wants to sell about 1 000 wild animals of different species from several national game reserves on public auction.

Information minister Stanley Simataa made this announcement yesterday during a media briefing on recent Cabinet decisions in Windhoek. He said the proposal to auction off wild animals was brought to Cabinet by the environment ministry.

According to Simataa, the government will sell between 500 and 600 disease-free buffaloes from the Waterberg Plateau Park.

This will help reduce the population of buffaloes from that national park, currently estimated to be about 960, to less than 400. One-hundred and fifty springbok will be sold from the Hardap and Naute game parks.

There is a combined population of over 2 000 springbok in the two game reserves.

The minister added that the government will also sell 65 oryx from the Hardap game reserve. There are about 780 oryx in that game reserve.

Twenty-eight elephants will be sold from the Khaudum National Park, and the Omatjete area.

There are about 6 400 elephants in the Khaudum National Park. Other animals to be sold include 35 eland, 60 giraffes and 16 kudus from the Waterberg Plateau Park.

The government will also sell 20 impala from the Von Bach Game Park. Sixteen wildebeest will be sold from the Daan Viljoen National Park, Simataa announced.

The environment ministry's spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda, told The Namibianyesterday that the sale was a response to the drought situation as it has affected the grazing and water points in some game reserves and national parks.

The move was meant to reduce the number of wildlife in national parks to manageable levels.

Muyunda added that they were still working out the modalities on how they will implement the auctions, but that the sale will be on open bids.

The value of the game to be sold is N$17 million, while the proceeds of the sale will go to the Game Products Trust Fund's account. It will be used for wildlife conservation and parks management, he stated.

The ministry was thus targeting game farmers who have the facilities to maintain the animals.

“Given that this is a dry year, the ministry would like to sell various types of game species from various protected areas to preserve grazing, and to generate much-needed funds for parks and wildlife management,” Muyunda said, adding that the grazing conditions in most parks are extremely poor, and if the number of animals is not reduced, it will lead to animals dying of starvation.

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  important news
Posted by: womblemuppet - 12-06-2019, 07:25 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (3)

my dictionary referred to 'morning' as the 'forenoon' . I'm questioning the universe atm. there's a midnoon? is there a beforenoon? antinoon? doublenoon? how many noon relatives have I missed out on my life so far?

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  aoe2 definitive
Posted by: womblemuppet - 12-06-2019, 10:09 AM - Forum: Video Game Discussion - Replies (39)

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  Church? Math?
Posted by: Jargonion - 11-06-2019, 06:23 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (5)

Church? Math?

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Thumbs Down Poena cullei
Posted by: taco - 06-06-2019, 10:06 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (4)

Wikipedia Wrote:
At the time of Emperor Hadrian (2nd century CE), the most well known form of the punishment was documented, where a cock, a dog, a monkey and a viper were inserted in the sack. At the time of Hadrian poena cullei was made into an optional form of punishment for parricides (the alternative was being thrown to the beasts in the arena).

During the 3rd century CE up to the accession of Emperor Constantine, poena cullei fell out of use; Constantine revived it, now with only serpents to be added in the sack. Well over 200 years later, Emperor Justinian reinstituted the punishment with the four animals, and poena cullei remained the statutory penalty for parricides within Byzantine law for the next 400 years, when it was replaced with being burned alive. Poena cullei gained a revival of sorts in late medieval and early modern Germany, with late cases of being drowned in a sack along with live animals being documented from Saxony in the first half of the 18th century.

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Heart Love Island
Posted by: taco - 06-06-2019, 07:26 PM - Forum: Music/Movies/Books/TV shows - Replies (3)

anybody watching this new season of Love Island?

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  Muay Thai and the importance of large posts
Posted by: taco - 03-06-2019, 01:16 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (4)

I couldn't ignore the placement and prominence of the wooden post on this award

congrats to all winners and may the dead horse of contrived phallic symbolism continue to keep the corpse of Freud horny

[Image: lr01mYJ.jpg]

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  African Swine Fever
Posted by: taco - 31-05-2019, 01:38 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (3)


As African Swine Fever is spreading wildly across China, and has spread to more than 55 countries on three continents, affecting more than 77 per cent of the world's swine population. Farmers are now burying thousands of pigs alive in huge ass pits to try prevent viral spread.

The virus pretty much 100% murders the pig and has been spread by contaminated products, feeding pork to pigs, international travel.

ABC News Wrote:Footage of what appears to be thousands of pigs writhing in mass graves has recently emerged on social media.

That's some nightmare fuel am not going to click that link

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