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Rainbow Favourite Forum Features
Posted by: womblemuppet - 19-09-2019, 03:35 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (8)

mine would be the good old prank button.


[Image: s6Yunj4.png]

which after clicking gives me this message:

[Image: RYvQwvO.png]

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  Happy Birthday hexulati
Posted by: taco - 18-09-2019, 10:58 AM - Forum: TVGF Discussion - Replies (27)


hexulati (30)


this is in accordance with the raw sexual desire of our admins

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  Discord games catalogue finally going
Posted by: womblemuppet - 14-09-2019, 11:14 PM - Forum: Video Games Discussion - Replies (2)


I hope discord stays with what it's good at. I always hated discord becoming a shop, it's not why people open discord and the advertising was really obnoxious. idk  how discord makes money but I'm glad that this didn't become a thing. Discord isn't steam!

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Posted by: NZs no.3 - 13-09-2019, 06:57 PM - Forum: Video Games Discussion - Replies (17)

Shes looking cute af.

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  Box Art Appreciation
Posted by: silentsun - 10-09-2019, 09:26 AM - Forum: Video Games Discussion - Replies (3)

So Sony is releasing a Playstation only line with new box art for a bunch of bunch of games and I think they are pretty great.  I think its this generation of platinum  games with much better box art.  Any other box art that people love?

[Image: spider-man-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep...641?%24Icon%24]
[Image: lastofus-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep19...989?%24Icon%24]
[Image: wipeout-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep19_...881?%24Icon%24]
[Image: shadow-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep19_1...699?%24Icon%24]
[Image: ratchetclank-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3s...320?%24Icon%24]
[Image: lastguardian-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3s...700?%24Icon%24]
[Image: bloodborne-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep...715?%24Icon%24]
[Image: uncharted-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep1...122?%24Icon%24]
[Image: godofwar-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep19...982?%24Icon%24]
[Image: horizon-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep19_...252?%24Icon%24]

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  Why is Netflix's Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (S1) So Good?
Posted by: Jargonion - 09-09-2019, 05:31 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

It's easy!

The writers clearly came up with a cool sci-fi storyline and fleshed it out. Because the storyline involves time travel, they can have non-linear narrative while keeping a linear plot.

With most shows that are almost genius, the main character can die in a ditch. Fuck Dirk. Frodo's good.

But, yeah, they came up with a neat short story, then dropped us straight into the world. We get to be as confused as most of the characters, even though we get the privelage of seeing more than they can see.

Go watch it, but fucking watch Fargo S3 first. Ignore S2 of this show.

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  snk heroines tag team frenzy
Posted by: womblemuppet - 06-09-2019, 11:34 PM - Forum: Video Games Discussion - Replies (14)


embrace the matriachy with the latest hip totally-politically-correct fighting game. I'm gonna buy

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  Game Related YouTube Channels
Posted by: benswitch - 04-09-2019, 05:20 PM - Forum: Video Games Discussion - Replies (3)

What are some of your favourite gaming-related youtube channels?

Here some I'm subscribed to...

Scott The Woz - I love this dudes approach and humour 
Arlo - A puppet reviewer
Console Wars - Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo game ports  
Stop Skeletons From Fighting - Cool insight to unique games and gametech experiments 
Caddicarus - PS1 and overall great reviewer
The Game Chasers - Few fellas from the NES SNES era 
Gaming Historian - Cool historical insight
SNES drunk - SNES expert on SNES and SEGA games
Cinemassacre - Bit of everything 
Game Sack - Bit of this and that
Pixel Game Squad - Game hunters and collectors
RGT 85 - Gaming insight and reviews
Last Gamer - Huge Aussie collector top bloke!
BitHead1000 - Awesome dude shit talks has good rants, talks about music and games
N64 Glenn Plant - Best and most comprehiensive N64 review
Nintendrew - Nintendo collector
The 8-Bit Guy - Tech 
SuperButterBuns - Humour
The Geek Critique -
The Completionist - Completes games as a challenge 100%
HappyConsoleGamer - Tells great stories, looks into gaming franchises and reviews games
My Life in Gaming - Personal insight into gaming nostalgia 
Pat the NES Punk - NES collector podcaster him and Ian discuss topics and I loved his flea market madness series.
BeatEmUps - Mainly a Switch reviewer now
Spawn Wave - Talks gaming releases and fixes consoles
RETRO REPLAY - Two dudes sit down and have a yarn while playing an old game
MetalJesusRocks - Good dude who's got a channel covering a few bases in gaming
AntDude - Great reviewer
Modern Vintage Gamer - 
JohnRiggs - Fixes games and tech.
Top Hat Gaming Man - Interesting channel, a bit of gaming history and he's a bit of a character
DreamcastGuy - Game review, integral dude
WULFF DEN - Talks accessories and Switch stuff
Sega Lord X - Sega tech, ports, best games for system and sega in general
Hard4Games - Dev kits, Game tech
Radical Reggie - Chill dude collector and PS1 fan
MrMario2011 - Modding scene
John Hancock - Game preservationist 
Nintendo Collecting -  Nintendo Collector...
CGRundertow - Dead channel but had great review of older games
Kevin Kenson - Switch tech review
Renebean - Collector and flea market hunter
SuperDerek RPGs - Hits a niche with RPG's reviews, mad respect for his in a tough genre with 1000s or hours! 

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  Best opening cinematic in a game?
Posted by: benswitch - 19-08-2019, 11:24 PM - Forum: Video Games Discussion - Replies (20)

What's you favourite game intros?

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  Games that didn't deserve the hate? and other hidden gems?
Posted by: benswitch - 13-08-2019, 03:45 PM - Forum: Video Games Discussion - Replies (43)

Why are Raisins not called Dried Grapes?!... I mean dried Apricots are called Dried Apricots?  MADNESS!

Now that I have your undivided attention... I've heard some bad reviews and a lot of heavy criticism of the game Yooka Laylee. A game made by some the same makers as Banjo Kazooie. I found this interesting because most reviews on new games will kiss ass, even when the games are horrible. They don't seem to be completely honest... Sales Yo! 

When I heard Yooka Laylee was trash, I was pretty down about because I'd been looking forward to playing it. I was still willing to take a punt, hunting for some N64 nostalgia and I'm glad I did!

Let me give some context unveiling my inner fanboy for Nintendo 64... Let go on a journey through the doors of time, back to the days of yester-year with mini Benji... Let's be honest here, he never really fully evolve to a large human.

I grew up with a Nintendo 64 and lived on a magical Island 70km east of Auckland called Great Barrier Island... This is relevant because we generated our electricity out on the Barrier so gaming was limited to an hour a day... Ocarina of Time took like 5 years to beat... 

Well, the truth is I actually I started with an Atari 2600, I had scraped and saved 8 dollars to buy that Atari from a garage sale when I was 9 years old... maybe.. I think 9ish... (How long did 8 bucks really take to save up? Lets be honest here.... Are you ready for a long off topic roller-coaster? Ready, Set and... GO! Well my parents were firm believers that you don't get anything you didn't earn. For example Dad didn't participate at Xmas never bought a present or birthdays... Oh,wait that might be because he was raised Jehovahs Witness, well kinda half raised... I guess. He went back and forth between parents and foster homes, eating green potatoes from bins, watching his foster parent murder a man by crushing his throat annnnd that's another story). I got paid in 50 cent coins as a kid (one year I worked 100 hours across two weeks including Xmas day, planting 2000 plus banana palms in Kaitiai. In an off Island expedition, sold to me as a holiday... I was paid $2 and hour at age 14($200 for 100 hours shoveling hard pan sand stone, in Kaitiai summer 35 degree heat sounds like a cracking deal! Plot twist the Bananas don't like the sand, they loved the volcanic soil that was on the Island and basically didn't grow or produce many fruit). Back to Island! We had some unfortunate legal disagreements with Auckand City Council which led to 9 years in court and living in an Attic above my fathers business, bankrupt on Great Barrier Island, we used a generator for an hour a day, mostly living by a truck battery, low energy bulbs, washing in a creek before we had a gas califont sorted, a long drop for our toliet baby! And I got my first pair of shoes when I was 13 but that was because if you wore shoes on the Island as a kid you were bullied for being a "pussy ass townie!") So a fair case for being skint and not throwing money at kids... Short story, I worked for those coins baby!!!!!

Now we got our Nintendo given to us! Now if you thought this story was about the value of earning something, the value or money or a great life lesson... It's not, I loved my free Nintendo 64 way more than my earned Atari 2600. The Nintendo waaas waaaaay better and waay cooler! Basically our friends from Auckland Meredyth and Jordyn also known as 'The Twins' had their Nintendo taken because they swore too much playing it and I'm eternally grateful for their foul language.  

Pac-man to Super Mario 64... need I say more, I'd count the hours till we could to the power on and play it. I first feel in love with games when I was baby sat from around the age of 5 to 8 years old, the baby sitters son had a Sega Master System and Mega Drive that was my introduction to games like streets of rage, golden axe, alex kidd and 'Gangsters paradise' by 'Coolio' without derailing again....  Games like Banjo Kazooie left me with so many really good memories, it was Rare in it's golden era with games like Perfect Dark, 007 Golden Eye, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong 64 and Conkers Bad Fur Day. 

Platformers have changed, gaming has evolved and we've moved away from a lot of these simple yet fun platformers/collectathons. Yooka Laylee doesn't deserve it's hate, it's exactly what I'd dream of from the makers of Banjo, same style of voices(or lack of), same font, same humour, same small levels, same vibrant colours, colourful characters, great level design, same style of gameplay and a great spiritual successor of the Banjo series. This game has a few stutters and camera issues once every 20 mins or so but for a small title it delivers! It doesn't have the same backing as AAA titles and it does a lot with what it has. I think people forget what the originals were really like, take off the rose tinted glasses please and this is coming from a fanboy... If it changed too much people bitch and if it didn't change enough people complain. It does what it sets out to do, I believe. I didn't play this when it first released maybe it's been patched and updated from a prior mess? I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was! 

What are your games that didn't deserve the hate they're got, or never got the credit due? Or for lack of better term the 'hidden gems' of your experience? Games that just clicked even if they weren't perfect? :)

Also, now I think about it Prunes and Plums what the heck. Just call them Dried Plums!

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  Slay the spire
Posted by: NZs no.3 - 11-08-2019, 09:13 PM - Forum: Video Games Discussion - Replies (32)

Is good shit. I unlocked all 3 characters so far, and with the poison bitch lady I made it to the city. This would be great on Switch to have portable.

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Photo Incredible
Posted by: taco - 10-08-2019, 12:21 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

The 5-metre tall hand-face sculpture Quasi, which cost Christchurch about $90,555, will soon be installed on the roof of City Gallery Wellington looking out over the capital's largely abandoned Te Ngākau Civic Square.

[Image: 1565149821718.jpg]

Amber-Leigh Woolf Wrote:Ronnie van Hout created the artwork by scanning his own hand and face then combining them.

Largely abandoned? NOT FOR LONG

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