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Who hasn't played Nuclear Throne yet?
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(09-09-2016, 04:41 PM)████ Wrote:
(09-09-2016, 02:26 PM)crispier taco Wrote:
(09-09-2016, 01:30 PM)████ Wrote: Is the grenade launcher and crossbow supposed to start with 0 ammo in 2 player? I can imagine it being a balancing thing.

The first person to open the chest gets the ammo regardless of whether they grab the weapon. It's the same in single player (opening chests gives you ammo even if you don't want the gun), so if one person opens all the chests the other person will not receive ammo.

It's not a problem in single player, and they haven't made a change for the sake of multiplayer

Oh is that what it was. Would it be fixed if they had the ammo fly out of the crate like the weapon so you can choose if you want it?

Up until somebody got plutonium hunger, and then the ammo would be suctioned faster than you could run away.

I guess you could have the weapon crate open on collision but otherwise uninteractable for a handful of seconds so you could choose to walk away if you didn't want that weapon.
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Guys! There's this mod for NUCLEAR THRONE, it's
Erdeppol's Nuclear Throne Ultra Mod

It's (virtually free) name your price, spend guilt if you don't want to spend money, else, give it at least like five bucks

But check it out! They've tripled the number of mutants you can play!

They've fused weaker mutations, and created a bunch new ones
They've got even MORE secret levels
and among many other insane new weapons, one that TURNS ENEMIES INTO SHEEP

The new guns make it start a little easier, but it get's hard quick, with new enemies and all sorts of madness. I would be surprised if it is more balanced or, in general, a better game than the original game, but it's novelty score is through the ceiling

check it out check it out check it out
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guys get up on this

I know you've all wanted to reign as disco king
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Jesus, that's one hell of a mod.


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