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Age of Mythology - Extended Edition
aoe2 > aom > wargroove I guess. I don't even have steam aom though so it's a slightly moot point.

(25-07-2019, 03:38 PM)NZs no.3 Wrote: If we are criss-crossing genres then: Risk of Rain 2 > My beef with Womplemuppets beef about Risk of Rain 2 >All of Dark Souls > Spelunky > Wargroove > Aom > the dinner you had last night > aoe2 > your status on this forum

wait is that specifically the dinner that taco had last night? because my dinner was passable to below average in quality and I think that's unnecessary shade on aoe2.(your list really sucks btw)
(25-07-2019, 07:23 PM)womblemuppet Wrote: specifically the dinner that taco had last night?

for the record I had an Angus beef patty on cous cous (with fun Vietnamese vegetable stock and pine nuts) and a fuckton of Italian parsley out of our garden. with Red wine and Earl Grey

it was super easy and cheap and tasted fine which is more than I can say for AoE2, which has no nutritional value as far as I am aware

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