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AdminGG's Arcade building project
Looks good so far

Part 4:
II) Arcade cabinet panels and housing

Hey folks, I'm back for another update.

I spent the majority of this weekend working on the cabinet build. I ended up purchasing 4 sheets of 18mm custom wood, which by the looks of it is going to be way more than enough to build this whole thing. Again I worked on this with my Dad as he holds most of the skills required for piecing this together :P

To note the price, 4 sheets of 2m x 1.5m custom wood came to $130 NZD.

Basically we worked out exactly how the sides of the arcade were going to look, and outlined the measurements on the first sheet of custom wood. From here we cut out the sheet with a jigsaw carefully by hand, then traced it to cut out the second sheet. This was 80% of the work, and once the sides were on the arcade, it was basically just cutting pieces to finish closing up the cabinet.

[Image: YhZEihf.jpg?1]

This is the basic shape with the TV in place.

[Image: QWdOaNy.jpg]

The sides turned out fantastic. Really has the arcade look to it.

[Image: TGHSKqm.jpg]

There isn't a top or control board on just yet, they are just there to see what it looks like.

[Image: lLyryuO.jpg]

We also got the bottom sheets fixed into place.

[Image: DdybZwR.jpg]

I'm really happy with how it has turned out so far. It's a solid build and the TV fits perfectly into the cabinet. I plan to have a little swing door on the back so the TV can be removed/replaced if ever required.

The cabinet has been glued with special glue used to hold up to 80kg signs on walls/any other surface. Once this glue sets its ridiculously strong. On top of this everything has been screwed and countersunk into place. The result is an incredibly sturdy and secure build.

Next weekend I'll have the last back piece, top, and front on. I also plan to put shelving inside the cabinet and a door at the front so I can get in an under everything should the Raspberry Pi etc. need any maintenance.

That's all for now! Bye-crazy-rabbit-emoticon
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Fuck, that's stupidly cool.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
Part 4:
III) Arcade cabinet panels and housing cont.

So this weekend I got some good building time in. It's basically built now, just some small touches to go.

The wheels are now on, and this is what it looks like:

[Image: KgYueS0.jpg]

It has doors on both the back and front as well which is fantastic. I'm yet to add some shelving inside of it to hold the Raspberry Pi and such.

Front door:

[Image: snRBf0s.jpg]

[Image: txmRE2f.jpg]

Back door:
[Image: r1v3eBs.jpg]

[Image: 47ACLgM.jpg]

Aaannnndddd even the player controls panel is all rigged up to be a hinged board so I can get beneath it fix buttons etc.

[Image: 2tWAFnX.jpg]

[Image: GUFo74N.jpg]

It's basically finished now Yesss-crazy-rabbit-emoticon , and I'm just gonna use some acrylic sheets to finishing curved angles of the cabinet below the player controls and above the TV.

So by next weekend, the cabinet itself should be done. Then ill do the control board and get that finished up and all the buttons in. Then the entire thing will be due for a coat or two of paint, followed by a nice vinyl wrap.

Until next time!
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
That looks so freaking awesome, decided on a decal yet?
(27-07-2015, 08:05 AM)Pythagean Wrote: That looks so freaking awesome, decided on a decal yet?

Nope. Gonna have to design that later when its all done. Decide what sides I want wrapped etc.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Part 5:

I) Button and Joystick placement

Quick update folks, as I didn't have a lot of time to work on this over the weekend.

I finally got all the buttons placed and mounted within the arcade control panel:

[Image: mHQSZct.jpg]

As stated in part 3, I am using the standard Japanese panel layout. Basically you print the button layout sheets to scale (or basically to scale, they may be slightly out) and then stick them to the control panel and drill all necessary holes.

The final result:

[Image: ni5diUo.jpg]

This is a fully capable 2 player, 8 button arcade layout. Still to come is the arcade trackball which will sit in the middle of both the player 1 and 2 buttons. I hope to do that this coming weekend.

Also I added buttons to emulate the 'insert coin' feature of games on either side for both players:

[Image: s8SsP5D.jpg]

That's all for now! I'll have an update by the weekend with the mounting of the trackball and full wiring of all buttons.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Had no time over the weekend to work on this :(

However I might work on it tonight for a bit. Get the track ball in and sand the machine down so its all ready for a paint.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Part 5:

II) Button and Joystick placement

Hey all, back with a small update.

I got some time over the weekend to finally finish the control board properly. Everything is now ready for the controls to just slip into place once the Arcade is painted etc.

I spent a good hour or so chiseling out the bottom of the board so the arcade trackball can fit in nicely and is flush with the top of the board. I also chiseled away 2 layers of the board to the joysticks are raised enough through the wood, otherwise I would have been losing 1.2cm of each joystick shaft.

The result:

[Image: 9ZXqAuN.jpg]

Complete control board:

[Image: eB6vWXt.jpg]

Looking gooooooooooood:

[Image: buK4y1K.jpg]

This coming weekend I finally hope to sand and paint it. Then I can finally move it to my place and get it ready to be vinyl wrapped.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Part 6:

I) Painting and Wrapping

Hey all! I'm back with an update. I got the chance over the weekend to apply the first layer of paint. Colour doesn't matter, but I got to say it looks good in red:

[Image: cXUBhV5.jpg]

[Image: HVYEbpH.jpg]

It still needs one more coat of a glossy red paint, then it can be vinyl wrapped. Hopefully I can do that throughout the week If I get the chance.

Once its fully painted, I can move it to my place and stick it in my garage ready to go.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps

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