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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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(24-03-2016, 01:07 PM)Jargonion Wrote: It's the one where you have to intercept a cargo truck and when you do some skulls jump out but you were prepared for them because you couldn't find the truck anywhere so you looked at a guide to make sure you weren't missing anything and the guide spoiled that the skulls were going to jump out at you so you brought an RPG to kill them but then when they jump out you accidentally hit the truck and had to start over again.

Hahahaha fantastic.

That mission got some rage outta me. The Skulls can be hard to fight at times, and when you start taking some substantial damage theres nowhere to run from them. As soon as you try piss off in any direction to put some distance between them and you to auto-heal, they just jump after you and kill you.

This only makes it harder since it was someones bright idea to take rations (essentially medkits) out of the game and replace it with CallofDuty style regenerating health.

I know if you take enough damage you can essentially instant heal by spraying your chest (with what I can only assume to be nano-machines) but you have to sit still for that and watch Kiefer Sutherlands jaw line clench while your still taking damage. No always a practical time to use it.

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Oh man, I used to get near-death all the time. Some guy'd flank me, and gun me down. I'd take a million bullets, and then I'd get downed. I'd try and start healing, but he'd still be alive and shooting at me. I just wouldn't die. I'd cycle between trying to heal and getting interrupted before I'd eventually manage to crawl behind a rock or something.

Now I just die. Ever since I switched to the combat armour, I just get shot by a shotgun and fall down dead.
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They were downing me in the combat armor too. Rage inducing.


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