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Naughty Dog Level Design
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An interesting video looking How does Naughty Dog let you explore the worlds of Uncharted and The Last of Us without the clunky navigational aids found in other linear games? The answer: Through smart use of composition, eye-catching design, and in-world waypoints. Let's dig in.

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Nice video, I like analysis videos like that.

Yeah Naughty Dog are fantastic level designs, and let visual cues guide your way. Last of Us did this the best I reckon, way bigger levels than Uncharted but you always new your way.
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I also like the way they pointed out that although the Naughty Dog games are very linear, especially on your first playthrough you feel like you are finding the path through the level by yourself. All of these subconscious cues get you going in the right direction, but you do feel like you have a choice in the matter (even though you run into dead ends quickly if you choose a different way)


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