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let's go back in time and kill...
(14-12-2015, 02:36 PM)Jargonion Wrote: I send the assassin back to assassinate himself.

So basically Looper then?
[Image: 76561198044303202.png]
(14-12-2015, 02:48 PM)Pythagean Wrote:
(14-12-2015, 02:40 PM)Jargonion Wrote: The way time-travel works (in my head) is that you can't send anyone back in time in your own dimension, so whoever you kill wont be dead in your history even if you sent him back.

Kinda like how Trunks dimension jumped to kill Cell, but that didn't save his own time-line.

Like this?

[Image: L4iN12e.png]

Once you kill Hitler (or whoever), you then begin travelling along the top line. The current timeline you came back from still exists, and Hitler was still alive to do whatever.

You can never change time really, just put yourself on another timeline where something else happened?

okay so what if we go back in time and kill the most recent awful dictator I've heard of (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIL) then go to the modern day version of "dead abu world" and see if someone else arose in his place. repeat until satisfied. then onto the next awful leader (I dunno, I should do research, maybe was Osama?). repeat steps one and two until the conception of organised civilisations (like, 6000 years maybe?) and voilà, a better world? Might need more than one lifetime to get it all done....
(16-12-2015, 01:27 PM)fresher taco Wrote: Might need more than one lifetime to get it all done....

We need a team of highly skilled and efficient assassins to make this work.
Again, I say we send Little Hunter. Im sure he has enough life times in him? He's even part of a Galactic time-traveling police force...
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps

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