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Admin GG's Retro Game Pickups/Collection
Admin GG's Retro Hardware and Game Pickups Collection Thread

Welcome to my Retro pickups thread! As you all know (because im sure I've told everyone I've ever been in contact with) I built a sweet ass arcade machine recently:

Now this arcade can emulate everything from early Atari to PS1, Sega Dreamcast (even PSP now) and everything in-between. I mainly use the arcade for actual arcade games, however I've been diving loads into all the awesome consoles of the old days since I have access to entire game libraries at my fingertips.

So begins the start of my problem: being able to play every game on every console from the 90s and below sort of back fired on me. Instead of scratching that itch of being able to play any game from any console I chose, it really just made me want to play those games on their original hardware.

So I bought a few retro imitation USB controllers like NES and SNES controllers and plugged them into the arcade. It felt good to play the games more natively, but it still just quite wasn't doing it for me.

The next thing you know, I bought an original NES. And so begins my new stupid expensive hobby.

I am now a proud owner of an original 1985 NES console. It's the front loader version. My initial purchase bought me the console, a controller, and the games Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt (both goddam classics. Since then I've acquired a few more games for it and a NES Zapper. One of the first home light guns released.

[Image: iVRTUDy.jpg]

The console itself is in very nice condition, almost no yellowing at all (whats yellowing you ask? Basically the reaction of UV light and the bromine  they put in plastics back in the day). It works great too. It's been region unlocked, which was super easy to do for a NES (just clip a pin inside it) so it can play PAL and NTSC games. It's a PAL console itself and I'm hoping I'll get a few years out of it. It has no moving parts inside (no disk drives etc.) but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't paranoid that this 35+ year hardware might just blow at some point.

[Image: QtGFaRE.jpg]

I paid $190 for it, which is fairly reasonable considering its great condition. They go for alot more on Trademe and sometimes less to but condition etc. varies widely.

The console is pretty basic. Games go in front, you turn it on, any issue hit reset.

[Image: oX0g3Vb.jpg]

The iconic NES controller is probably my favorite though. Its not particularly comfortable after awhile, and my hands are too big for it, but I love the buttons and dpad.

[Image: b2jiEtz.jpg]

So here's my collection for it so far:

[Image: UJskpH4.jpg]

From left to right we have: Castlevania, Defender of the Crown, Wild Gunman, Operation Wolf, RYGA, Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt, Excitebike, Soccer, and about 190 games in 1 cart.
[Image: tlQ72Yt.jpg]

[Image: Av5FsiB.jpg]

Castlevania for those who know is a super popular series and a rare game to have, costs me $50 alone. Wild Gunman, Duck Hunt, and Operation Wolf are all light gun games and boy do I love me some light gun games. Duck Hunt has to be my fav next to Wild Gunman. Such classics.

And here's the setup in action. The NES Zapper is so comfy and a such a satisfying gun to use. Wild Gunman is pictured on the TV.

[Image: GqWFXU8.jpg]

My first impressions when using it were 'I think I've gone too far back'. I thought it would be cool and all to have an NES, but damn this shit is old. All in all I'm happy with my pickup though.

Not everything I'll pick up and be posting in this thread will be considered 'retro'. I would consider the following 'old school' but not 'retro' just yet.

Now that I have the bug for collecting shit I've been checking out second hand stores and auction houses. I scored an original Xbox for $20 in an auction with no cords or anything. Cords are cheap enough and I'm lucky enough to be borrowing a controller for now.

[Image: sVOXyPN.jpg]

The Xbox works great an only needed a clean up. The day after getting it I looked in a bargain mart and shit you not found Halo 1+2 and a bunch of other great xbox games for like $10. So I've already got some decent games to go with it.

I wanna try collect some decent multiplayer games as the xbox is natively 4 player which is great.

All together on a decent sized CRT TV in my garage <3

[Image: s1kPaVP.jpg]

I plan to continue to update this thread as I collect more gear. Currently I've got a couple more things to show but I'll do that in my next post.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
(18-04-2016, 10:40 PM)AdminGG Wrote: 190 games in 1 cart.
[Image: Av5FsiB.jpg]

actually? I am both impressed and disgusted that anyone would buy 190 games in a single cartridge
(18-04-2016, 11:22 PM)crispier taco Wrote: actually? I am both impressed and disgusted that anyone would buy 190 games in a single cartridge

Yeah that probably deserved a little more explanation than I gave it. It's a pirated cartridge obviously. Not licensed by Nintendo. I picked it up cause it was cheap.

Of the 190 games though easily 140 are knock offs or roms hacks and are not worth playing. Of the 50 maybe NES titles on there a good handful don't work. What games do work run great though. This cartridge has most of the light gun games im missing which is cool.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
So I'm already way overdue for a good posting here. Can't even commit to a minimum post per week up in here. I have been busy though I swear.

Anyway today I made a nice pickup at the local auction house. $80 NZD got me all this good shit:

[Image: YOn12KF.jpg]

PS3 is dam mint condition. 160GB model and just needed its firmware reinstalled for it to work.

Also scored another Xbox, this time it came with controllers! Not sure what to do with it yet, but I'll sure as hell be keeping the controllers.

And finally, the score of the bunch, a N64! My every first <3 came with a controller and its power pack. No games or AV cords though. It turns on with a red light though so I should be golden. Will be taking it down to an awesome retro collector this weekend to pick up all the parts need. Shout out to Damian of Damian's Computers! You're the retro king my friend.

I plan to pick up some N64 games and all the cords over the weekend.

Next up is a game I got last week:

[Image: JdH3kcL.jpg]

House of the Dead 3!

The pinicale of light gun games are the Time Crisis series (of which I have all) and House of the Dead. I found out the original xbox had House of the Dead 3 that also includes House of the Dead 2 (my favorite) and I had to have it. Xbox had like 3 light gun games though, and loads of 3rd party light guns. I got the only one you can basically find anymore, a madcatz light gun.

The light gun, although a little weird looking, is quite comfortable and has loads of features. Nice and accurate too.

I've actually got another one on the way so I can 2 player that shit.

Finally we have my recent NES pickups:

[Image: bDEbk7t.jpg]

Shout-out to Damian again, as I got all these from his shop. Left to right we have: Shadow Warriors (Ninja Gaiden), Mach Rider, Bubble Bobble, and Stinger.

Shadow Warriors is the best game of the lot. Shadow Warriors is better know as Ninja Gaiden as is part of the most legendary trilogy on NES. Great game and a great series. Looking forward to a play through.

You can also see an actual NES console above. I scored one for nothing (Shout-out Damian) as it was pretty worn condition and not working. It simply needed its region lock chip disabled, and then a new door cover. Now its working fine. Not sure what to do with it yet though....

Anyway that's all the pickups for now, no doubt ill have more after this weekend.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
you have NES cartridges like I have slices of budget brand bread in my freezer: less than the full loaf, enough for a few sandwiches. Or, like, french toast for a nuclear family.

But!, if you have sufficient cartridges for a proverbial family french toast breakfast, what will be your maple syrup?
Been awhile since the last update, and I have a few new things to talk about.

First off, got the N64 all up and running. Found it an expansion cover, and bought my first game for it.

When thinking of the first game to get, I thought 'might as well go for the top shelf and get the best it was known for'

So I present:

[Image: Ed8mTlA.jpg]

I managed to score a full boxed mint copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for $70 which is pretty sweeeeet.

And here she is all snuggled inside:

[Image: kDO5oOD.jpg]

N64 works great! However it's video output is pretty blurry and apparently a trait of the console. It was slightly disappointing because compared to the competition (PS1, Sega) the video output is alot clearer. 

All in all it's pretty ballin to play a N64, never had one as a kid and only have a handful of memories of ever using one.

Other pickups include a second light gun for Xbox:

[Image: HV7QMAj.jpg]

This is a licensed replica of a Beretta hand gun (minus the laser sight module beneath the barrel). It's super comfy to hold, has built in recoil and laser sight. Pretty kickass to use. I got this one off Ebay. Really hard to find Xbox light guns these days too. Think I paid around 20 for this which is pretty dam good considering it was still in its original packaging.

Final pickups include a new CRT TV. I managed to get my hands on a Sony Trinitron which were their flagship TV models back in the day. This thing is a beastly 28" 50-60kg monster. Took a couple of us to move the thing into my garage. It's so awesome though. First off the colour is nuts, way better than my old CRT and it has 4 component AV ports and a S-Video port. I can almost have everything plugged in at once which is great. On top of that its a 2.1 speaker setup. It comes with a mean bass speaker you put on the back. Games sound great and look great on it.

So current setup now looks like:

[Image: VBpdOyk.jpg]

I also scored a smaller 14" Sony Trinitron off the same guy. I think ill set that up with the spare NES.

That's all for now. Don't have anything else on the way as of yet, but looking at getting a Sega console of some sort next.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
post a pic of that handheld

(26-06-2016, 10:04 PM)Dun Wrote: post a pic of that handheld

Yeah I've got a few update posts to come. Hopefully today.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Alright time for an update.

A few weeks ago I picked up some new retro tech.

I now own a Sega Master System, an NES top-loader, and a slim PSONE

[Image: vatLvcW.jpg]

I wanted to start expanding my collection into Sega territory so I thought I would pick up the first generation of Sega home consoles. The Sega Master System was a competitor with the NES. The NES was more popular and sold more, but the Master System is definitely the better quality machine. Both were 8 bit consoles but the Master System has way better graphics and picture display. I picked up some sonic games with it (a must) and a light gun plus 2 controllers.

[Image: r2X7DWl.jpg]

The master system is also modded with RCA out as originally it could only display video out over RF:

[Image: SKOCMTT.jpg]

Being modded for RCA (yellow video, left and right audio) makes it alot better.

Now the NES top-loader is also a great addition to my collection. The original NES is overly complicated in the way it plays games. The cartridge loader is overly complicated for what it is. Nintendo eventually released a hardware revision where you simply slot the game cart directly in the top.

[Image: 5UgJQRb.jpg]

This makes running games way easier and result in games working right off the bat 90% of the time:

[Image: 7pgr0oN.jpg]

It's also modded with RCA out which is great too:

[Image: SVA0r3g.jpg]

Shout-out to Damian again for hooking me up with these retro goods.

Also scored a slim PSONE as mentioned. Not much to say about it other than how cute and tiny it is compared to the original:

[Image: GYCX1zD.jpg]

[Image: jHBVKo8.jpg]

I plan to use it for another arcade build.

Now with all these new consoles, I was running out of places to put them. So I managed to score a free tv cabinet to arrange everything in:

[Image: vWpZpKZ.jpg]

[Image: Q3uqdNy.jpg]

It's alot nicer and cleaner of a setup now. Everything is plugged in at once so no fiddling around with cables either. I've got an 8-port RCA switch I added so everything can be plugged into the TV at once too.

I've got a PS2 tucked away down the side:

[Image: qghe1iG.jpg]

To the left of the couch is a box full of controllers ready for play:

[Image: ORlpWBt.jpg]

And to the right of the couch is a box full of light guns ready to play:

[Image: L8HfeSN.jpg]

Setup is pretty sweet now :)
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps

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