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[Image: 4KqqK4Q.png]

how often do you see the world and dream of a simpler time? before terrorism, before economic downturn, before all the voices in my head and all their terrible terrible secrets?

well minesweeper is just a great way to remember that magical fantasy land never existed and the voices were always there.

Minefields exist that were laid down decades ago, many still exist to some extent in some territories. They have endured longer than the ideologies that started the wars that led to them being created and laid down. Every now and again you hear in the news shells and mines from distant wars gone by, undetonated until come across by some oblivious civilian. Neither enemy nor ally because the cause the weapon was created for is obsolete and irrelevant.

[Image: Ottawa_Treaty_members.svg]
all the blue countries are those that are members of the Ottawa Treaty, who have accepted the ban on production, stockpile or use of anti-personnel mines. The countries that haven't signed are ones with disproportionately assertive foreign policies.

Celebrate minefields today! You can download the original xp version of the game here:
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its always nice to raise awareness for endangered species - conservationists are trying hard to hide locations of natural reserves to combat poachers who use fledgling mines for illegal underground fights. like most things in the wild, they will attack if surprised but they are actually relatively harmless if approached in the right manner. its sickening to see New Zealand on the map not supporting a species so close to extinction.
CARE Wrote: 
Today, there are an estimated 110 million anti-personnel mines in the ground and another 250 million stockpiled in at least 108 countries around the world. Between 5 and 10 million more mines are produced each year, benefiting the producers to the tune of $50 to $180 million annually.Oct 16, 2003

more than two thirds of landmines are being kept in captivity worldwide. They should be allowed to roam free in the wild like God intended
or evolution idk ask darwin I guess

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somebody play with me. Minesweeper is good for the lymphatic system, just ask your local elected sherrif

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That's what the thread title immediately sang to me.

I haven't played Minesweeper in some time, should I boot her up again?
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
you should entirely boot 'er up again

the link that I downloaded windows minesweeper from (
also has a bunch of fun other versions, that I intend to play about with, I'll recommend my favourites here too
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