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Dir En Grey in music videos
Dir En Grey is a Japanese band that formed in 1997 is among my absolute favourites in music. They have to date released 9 studio albums while retaining their original lineup in it's entirety, a rarity in long-lived bands.

Kyo: Lead vocals
Kaoru: Guitar, backing vocals
Die: Guitar, backing vocals
Toshiya: Bass, backing vocals
Shinya: Drums, percussion

They formed from a Visual Kei band (La:Sadie's) which consisted of all the above members except Toshiya. La:Sadie's disbanded with the leader and bassist Kisaki not prepared to rock my world, so the other four recruited Toshiya and founded Dir En Grey.

Two of the most immediately apparent distinctions one identifies in the band is Kyo's amazing vocals, and their music videos. I'm going to show the best music video from each album.

1999: Gauze

Although the majority of Gauze is gentle rock and visual kei, Zan, and it's music video, are a harbinger of Dir En Grey's future. Their 2011 remake of Zan is even better (better polished, tastier growls, faithful yet better video!) so if you like this, keep scrolling, but watch this later as well, it's one of my favourites:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGCEOAoq04I

2000: Macabre

Admittedly Myaku wins amidst poor competitions, the other music videos from this album aren't that great. Further, I'm not a huge fan of this song nor this video. (or this album so hey let's just move on)

2002: Kisou

Once again, most of the music videos here are not noteworthy. This one is kinda fun, and once again the spookiness of it all get's upped severalfold in the next album.

2003: Vulgar

This music video is the most infamous product of Dir En Grey. The lyrics (apparently) focus on abortion (I believe they take an opposing stance to the practice, based on the whole baby-head-eating thing). This is one of the first Dir En Grey videos I ever saw, and it's just the sort of thing that gets you coming back for more, right? Also on this album is Shokubeni, one of my favourite tracks for the most chilling giggle I've ever heard, and such incredible grows:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxXDBWdSivs

2005: Withering to Death

Vulgar was a huge step from Dir En Grey's first three albums, and Withering to Death was another sideways leap. It's faster paced, more excited, frantic. The gloom and chill of Vulgar is shed in exchange for a more violent feel? Although it reckon it's pretty well done, it's not really my type. The music video is a step back from the vulgarity of Obscure, trading a total horror movie for a more down to earth murder?

2007: The Marrow of a Bone

For all you shits that actually care about what the lyrics are, this one's in English! hahahahhahaha. This track is another one of my favourites, finishing off a heavy album, where Kyo flaunts his vocal prowess, with Karou, Toshiya and Die all contributing backing vocals throughout the album. I have no idea if there is any meaning in the song, and the cockroach on the microphone and goosestepping horse lawyers are bewildering. The track ends with "One day I will fuck your parents", I am assuming that the whole production is shock value. I love it.

2008: Uroboros

Uroboros is hands down my absolute favourite of Dir En Grey. The band dispersed for two months and all members worked and wrote songs in isolation, and then reconvened and assembled this. The Uroboros after which this album is named is the serpent that circles the world to bite it's own tail, a symbol of norse and germanic culture symbolising continuity and rebirth and that sort of thing. The album is tasty all the way through, and there was a fortnight where I'd listen to Vinushka at least 3 times a day. The song sings of the nuclear devastation wrought to Japan, and I guess could be described as a metal ballad? It's gorgeous whatever it is.

2011: Dum Spiro Spero

Do you think they're trying to appeal to stereotypes here? Or maybe they're criticising Japanese porn. Either way I found this music video hilarious the first time I saw it. The album itself fails to meet the bar set impossibly high by Uroboros, but I still rate highly. I feel it trades melody for guitar angriness. I dunno.

2014: Arche

Have you ever wanted to try mermaid sashimi? This music video shows us the band members eating a mermaid, a women with a prosthetic limb, Kyo's incredible front, Shinya incredible hair, and everyone is playing in ?fish tanks? Dir En Grey might be trying to challenge our perspective of what is human? I'm not really sure, but I come for music not for philosophy.

2016: A Taste of the Future?

Kyo's wearing a kendo hat? This is a promotional track for the vibe of their next album (and their most recent single), which may come out next year, I dunno. But I'm excited anyway

So, what do yous think? Favourite video? Like the music? Were able to distinguish words from the Clever Sleazoid lyrics? let me know

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