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I've been listening to Question Time as podcasts fairly regularly for the last couple of months.

Question Time happens twice a week, and 12 questions are submitted ahead of time. Members of Parliament (typically the opposition) ask questions of the government, and is a way for the government to be held to account on their activity. It is ostensibly performed with dignity and ceremony but it's often a hot mess of shit-talking, interjections and the speaker of the house playing Schoolteacher to bratty politicians. This does however make listening to it a bit more interesting, and helps laypeople gauge how controversial a statement is. I really appreciate that our MP's aren't above calling bullshit.

Question Time is basically my only perspective on NZ politics, politicians. I understand that this is a caveat, but fuck all of you all. This thread is for Question Time time.

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Question Time 05/07/17 Question One

ANDREW LITTLE Wrote:to the Prime Minister: Does he have confidence in his Minister for social housing, given the Hutt housing development announced yesterday would include as few as 60 affordable homes of the 330 to be built?

Give it a listen and give me thoughts

Not sure the difference between the designations of "affordable" and "social" houses, (I really ought to if I want to make any serious comments buuut....) Bill English in his initial answer does a thing typical of National answers, and imply all issues are the result of bad Labour governance! They've been in power for three terms though! Shouldn't they be embarrassed to make that sort of claim so often?

In supplementary answers Bill conflates "affordable" with "whatever the current market price is", which seems... to defeat the concept of affordability? He also reminds Labour that they wrote a list of "Chinese sounding names" and their use of volunteer overseas (unpaid?) workers to campaign for them. Bill doesn't really need to be good at Question Time (and isn't) when Labour is covered in these sorts of scandals. The Chinese-sounding name thing was so outrageous to me at the time that I sort of wrote off the Labour party forever as NZ-First-tier xenophobes. That said, National seems almost entirely unconcerned about first-home buyers, not sure if that's an issue or not (I don't intend to buy a house any time soon, I'm not sure how hard it is...).
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Huh, I had no idea we had a podcast like this. I will give it a listen.
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