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Your Top 5 Comedy Movies?
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Just finished listening to the Filmspotting Top 5 Comedies podcast and got me thinking about what I consider to be the best comedy movies of all time.

What are yours?

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1) Office Space
2) Pineapple Express
3) The Big Lebowski
4) Hot Fuzz
5) Shaun of the Dead
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In no particular order, and without much competition (not too many spring to mind):

In Bruges (2008)
Monty Python's Now For Something Completely Different (1971)
Doctor Strangelove (1964)

maybe The Host (2006), which is not technically a comedy but has really great characters
maybe Old Boy (2003), so similar reasons, but also the insane violence.

I might've put Hot Fuzz in there as well, but Jar used that one up already
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No order really

Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny.
Waterboy (was funny when I was a kid at least)
Four Lions
Big Stan

And the stuff on the other lists. Recently watched Office Space, was so good.


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