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Battle Splash: Non-violence Chaotic Arena Shooter
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Hello everyone! First time posting in here. We are Dranya Studio, a small indie game studio come from Hanoi, Vietnam. This is a game project we’re working on called Battle Splash and it’s a third-person shooter based on the theme of water fight with non-violence but competitive gameplay. Although it’s still in development, we want to share our current progress so as to gain feedbacks from you guys and spread the words to everywhere. Currently, we’ve finished our playable build with competitive water arena section and a few maps. We’re planning to make a Greenlight and IndieGogo campaign, as well as making more game contents.

[Image: 333qfUshqvRWNVxTJ5tGPwUZ8pKoTquLrzHQgXLc...chYqo3JoIX]

Features in a nutshell:

- Fast-paced Action-packed Third-person shooter with the theme of water fights in colorful and exotic sceneries

- 4 classes with different traits, stats and unique special items.

- A set of 4 basic weapons (available for all classes).

- Water Arena with 3 game modes, including 2 Competitive modes and 1 Objective mode.

- All game modes are playable online and offline with AI bots

- Optimizing for up to 32 players in a server

- Full local network support. Online play is being under experiment.


Things that we’re planned for further development (or maybe not!)
- Co-op campaign with the origin story of Battle Splash

- Additional post-release maps and modes

- Full modding support with tools for user-made experiences (expect the unexpected!)


Battle Splash in action (to be updated)

Screenshots Splashes:

[Image: Hf7JBGQvUGmNdtmLfzeB_ggziM2qNMwXaOWjNroC...Tkcazyint6]

[Image: KvvXSwnTwmTSSh34DT_qU_Gw5RnHs8T52qkqad1j...HgTjBbMAR2]

[Image: osVgWqGakMUXwrnmHA5a3-P00vTr5DgiUFQhjVq7...9YFY3GQDm9]

[Image: q97-Pb2pfcnBlqM3QAScBJr2nWYJCcfKQAffcaBg..._V41pvoVF4]

[Image: S7hyF3AnNde6louoaI1jDBCWasBPcOlZhHU3lfiC...vPb6ZmSjr4]

[Image: fXEY7OJvAPMLDpX8nsiOjeteLBPyYdWcnaDOoiXg...5aoxUCzSXz]

[Image: CnvVz-PfFfglZSztI1q28IbH3k-GZDSjfwok1Bi7...l3qNCNHSH2]

[Image: rMeRPmshjWzHd1asi4tYwtogqTL3TsOSACp2EuoL...kIQwo182KD]

[Image: EDDY4XST0rMfp7qIsW4x0YeK2KTXYIbuWfKSHf0e...P2DYuN_BGQ]

[Image: rbd4YfIKnrvyUUs7v09PjERi6f3U9YTkfgkdF0Qm...NopKwP3CMA]

[Image: zeDUIr6lFoEWljjSziRTMb1O8JYVfS7Ec4y6jj72...iOaRd8pc6j]

Feel free to give us comments so that we can improve Battle Splash for a better game. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/battlesplash.dranya

- Twitter: http://twitter.com/dranyastudio

- IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/battle-splash

- Dev blog: http://battlesplash.com/blog/

- Email: battlesplash@dranyastudio.com / gaminghanu@gmail.com
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what is the rationale behind avoiding violence in a shooter game?
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