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Hillary Clinton is Stannis Baratheon
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Hhaa Trumps got it.

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I feel an anguish bigly, the best misery: everyone says so
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Toast trump with this masterpiece
the longest track ("Some Things Saddam Hussein Did Well") is 18 seconds long, so you can continuously drink for the entirety of the album
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Your false queen is dead, rapists, She and all her host were smashed in 12 hours of voting. I have her magic sword. Tell Tim Kaine.

Your false queen's friends are dead. Their halls upon the walls of the white house. Everybody says so. Your false queen's-a-lyin', and not all mexicans are rapists. You told the world you burned the basket of deplorables, but the election is rigged.

I will have my pride back. If you want this election, come and get it. I have your Goldmann-Sachs speeches on a wall for Mexicans to pay for, proof of your lyin'. The wall is cold, but my fingers are warm as I have been grabbing pussies.

I want my pride back. I want Monica Lewinsky. I want your >8/10's and her Tim Kaine. I want to bang my daughter. I want Clinton's emails scrutinised further. And I want to make America great again. Send them to me, Mexicans, and I will not twitter at you or your sympathisers. Keep them from me, and I will lock you up/entice my followers to beat you up/punish those who have abortions/cut out your bastard's heart and eat it.

Donald J Trump, Trueborn President-Elect, first of his name, king of the whites and the blacks and the rapists, Lord of the 50 kingdoms, and protector of the Misogyny

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