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Whats going on in NZ politics
Did she pop one out yet? What names do I need to know? Is Gareth Morgan still a thing? Enlighten me
yes, not important/too lazy to google, no.

I dunno seems like national is trying to bad mouth Labour by using all the hip phrases from over seas such as "virtue signaling" and "fake news", sometimes feels like they have got some PR guy going 'this worked in USA'. Labour found a bunch of stuff that they deemed needed fixing pretty quickly that some have said is what the "hole in the budget" steve joyce was talking about, so they are not able to do everything that they wanted to do this budget. Also Teachers and Nurses are on strike for wanting pay increase. That's what I gathered from not really paying attention so some/ all of it could be wrong :D
Ahhh I heard about the nurse strike. Teachers pay has been a problem for a while. What have National and Labour said they will do about teacher's pay?
Too bad for Gareth! I liked his non-PC vibe.

Fuck National's PR guy if that's true. I need to research.
Yeah she popped it out and now Whinny is in charge isn't he?
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps

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