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Cultural Appropriation
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You cannot steal culture, for when you make use of the culture of another group you do not deprive them of it. Does this mean that cultural appropriation is a form of piracy? 

You acquire culture without the expense of belonging to the group from which that culture originates?

A kapa haka robot could perhaps perform Maori dance without the cultural costs that may apply to Maori. Furthermore, free of genitals, a kapa haka robot may combine gender specific dances in a way that is not available to humans. If we are to create robots, is it fair and ethical to endow them with human culture?
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You can't steal culture.

You can use your position as a dominant culture to represent another culture whoever you chose. The argument is that you cannot ever properly represent a culture if you do not belong to it, so the representation will always be wrong to some degree. Whether the previous statement can be argued to be true or false, I believe it is true that removing the members of a culture's ability to represent themselves as they chose is damaging. It's cultural Marxism 101.

There's a reason nobody really cares about Whiteface. I'm sure that if I paid some Mexicans to make a TV show where they pretended to be Burmese, nobody would give a single shit. That's because the Mexicans don't have the power to make their portrayal the one that everyone sees. It's just be some shitty niche thing with minimal reach and impact.

Therefore, I argue that there is nothing wrong* with robots replicating human culture unless they become our overlords and we become unable to adequately represent our own culture.

*Well, it depends on how we define human culture, who does the programming, and the extent to which this culture is represented.
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So cultural appropriation is acceptable so long as it is not performed by a group that exerts cultural influence/dominance on the source culture?

If Inuit engineers produced a digeridoobot, it would have little potential to cause harm as the Inuit media-mechatronics complex has little influence over most people's perceptions of Australians?
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