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FLCL Progressive Episode 3 - "Stone Skipping" Discussion [SPOILERS]
Shit man, there's too much going on in these episodes, if I don't write it down as I watch it I'm gonna miss stuff to talk about.

I still don't get these intros, I think this one was alluding to the next episode.

I feel sorry for fat dude and his paid for GF

Remember the conversion about drawing fireworks. Pretty sure it comes up again.

Haruko in a nurse outfit again. Inside an old mossy medical mechanica as well

Those headphone tho, do you think Hibajiri's brain is fucked now? Whats up with the locking system?

When Jinu and Haruko talk they talk about "Them" and "They", wonder who that is?

Best part of this episode was when they said "FURIKURI" during the break.

Instead of music I'll post a video about The Pillows and making music for the anime.
Late to the posting party but I totally watched this on time. I just had on-call work to do after.

Yeah I have no idea whats going on. Like no idea. They have just found new heads to summon stuff? New guitar lady and Haruko were chasing the same dude though? Atomsk right?

Music and animation are up to scratch as usual.

Actually it was pretty cool when she said medical mechanica. Kick starts that as the underlying plot again. The destroyed iron they went into was cool too.

Where are our other posters?
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
I have been watching I am just usually in bed by the time the post goes up and my phone died. But got my new phone today so should be able to keep up. I feel like they are both chasing atomsk but it would be rad if it Naota

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