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The Spinoff app
Hey you've all heard of The Spinoff: It is "New Zealand’s fastest growing online media brand".

It's politics heavy, and frequently post articles submitted by New Zealand politicians including Steven Joyce, David Seymour, Nikki Kaye, Jacinda Ardern, Golriz Gharahman, Geoff Simmonds, Peter Dunne, some petroleum exploration company.

It's left-leaning but it doesn't come off as partisan, and doesn't pull punches in its criticism of Labour and Greens.

They recently made their app free, I really recommend people download it for an easy window into NZ politics that isn't Stuff
[Image: JazGXPG.png]
Better than Stuff you say? I'm in.

I'll consider downloading it, on promises.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
YO I have really enjoyed some of their articles that have come across. they had a really interesting podcast series on why New Zealand Tax is pretty great. If only I could remember the name of it

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