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Crystal Mage Player Handbook
The dodge formula now multiplies using the correct cell, not a blank one.

This means it's now actually possible to dodge in combat.
[Image: Nsi2Ruz.png]
The Coward has had a substantial health boost, and can now live to run away another day.
[Image: Nsi2Ruz.png]
There is now a trading screen.
[Image: Nsi2Ruz.png]
Did a lot of interface stuff today.
  • The brawler now has a 150% weapon damage multiplier.
  • The Thief has a -25% weapon damage multiplier.
  • The Coward now only  has a +20 hp bonus.
  • The math for dodge is actually the same for all players now.
  • Slight tweak to enemy generation stats.
  • Completely changed the way dealt weapon damage is calculated.
  • You can now store a "block" value, and it will reduce the next incoming attack by that amount.
  • You can now see teammate health in your combat sheet.
[Image: Nsi2Ruz.png]

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