Poll: Which class would you prefer be added as a starting class?
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Defrosted Caveman
2 66.67%
Exiled Heir
1 33.33%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Poll: Final Class

As I am tidying up the scholar and the coward, I feel like I need one last gimmicky class. I've come up with two finalists, vote to tell me which you'd prefer!

Defrosted Caveman:

Found frozen in the glacier, this character starts at level 10, but starts with 0 intelligence, and is initially completely unable to communicate. With each level up, communication gets moderately better.

Pretender Count:

Long ago, when the drifter island was in its feudal age, this character's ancestors ruled as monarchs. Through years of mutiny, civil war, and inbreeding, this character's family lost their seats, and were exiled. Now, the sole survivor of his bloodline finds himself with the relics of his line's wealth (starts with a lot of gold), is as charming as you'd expect (starts with high charisma), but is completely barred from entering any settlements.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
Bonus poll:

If the not-defrosted caveman class is picked, which name is better? Exiled Heir, or Pretender Count?
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
A. Caveman
2. Pretender Count for sure.
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