Poll: Who would you vote for? (join the TOP party if you actually want to vote in real life)
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Anthony Singh
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Amy Stevens
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Jessica Hammond
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Donna Pokere-Philips
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Geoff Simmonds
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There are 5 candidates putting their names forward for leader
There'll be a TOP leadership election around about the end of this year.
You were all thinking "I thought Geoff was in charge now" or "I thought TOP was dead who cares"

Yeah well there's going to be an election and I thought that Geoff was going to be the only substantive candidate but Jessica Hammond is also making a bid:
Each gave a blurb about themselves and most posted a short video, and I have summarised these into a bad meme:
[Image: yKC7Ilc.png]

If anyone asked me a few days ago I would have said confidently that Geoff would 100% get my vote. However I think Jessica Hammond is also a very viable contender so yeah we'll see. Plan to attend a leadership debate on soon so if I get to go I'll fill yous all in on all the hot goss
[Image: JazGXPG.png]
Amy Stevens does look like John Key. I think it's the shit eating grin that I think someone might have photoshopped onto that image because it's identical.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
arse and ass have slightly different usages right? If someone generally uses "ass" but swaps to "arse" for effect or an idiom I'd respect that.

Thanks for the infographic.
I think I like Amy the most. She has nice hair, and makes a good point about voters. But what I don't get is, why should I vote TOP ?
"In difficult times, you’re going to be saying something. Don’t talk about how big your challenge is. Talk about how big your dick is." ~ Joel Dongsteen
Ass is to Arse as sidewalk is to pavement.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
no there's slightly different connotations too.
"In difficult times, you’re going to be saying something. Don’t talk about how big your challenge is. Talk about how big your dick is." ~ Joel Dongsteen
Geoff won and I think most people saw that coming. Donna also ran for board member and got that.

At the leaders debate (which wasn't a debate so much as an public(ish) group interview with voting), I think Jessica shone as the best candidate, Donna showed a really solid understanding of the minutiae (I think I'm using that right) of NZ governance/politics. I personally found Amy unconvincing but competent

But I think between his publicity from policy in a minute, his given legitimacy from already being the "temporary step-in" leader from revival, and having been the deputy leader, Geoff was almost doomed to win this, and even having the election seemed more nominal than necessary.

I think it would've been a good look had Jessica gotten voted in (She left TOP after having a fall-out with Gareth when she questioned his PR-approaches and such), so they could really step away from the idea that this party is totally Gareth's puppet (it would be nice if he ends up having only a little say in the direction of the party... only millionaires and career politicians get to be in parliament, so a rich man's vanity party that he's lost control of just tastes better)

(29-12-2018, 12:17 AM)████ Wrote: But what I don't get is, why should I vote TOP ?

The way I see it TOP is all about evidence based policy, and pushing policy that would is really needed but is too controversial for major parties to touch. I want small parties that can push good ideas like capital gains tax and UBI. What our current small parties haggled from the coalition this parliament was a regional slush fund for Shane Jones and a referendum on weed.

While the big parties have more political clout to push transformative changes, they also have a broader set of priorities and a more disparate base of voters to cater to. Small parties can offer a more coherent game plan and (hopefully) will seek to form coalitions to get the most that they can

I also think their policies suit my interests the most, but ultimately I plan to get a cool job in a different country anyway so maybe I should vote for the party that's most likely to govern in such a way that makes NZ look trendy and progressive to foreigners...
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