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KoL's 2019 IotM Arbitrarily Rated.

Hello. This was originally titled "KoL's IotM Arbitrarily Rated.". If you came here for that reason, I am sorry. Contact the admin, and he will compensate you for any financial issues you can prove this has cost you. I will link here, without external update, the thread discussing this change.

With the turn of the year, KoL outdated all of the Items of the Month from 2017. We lost a lot of greatness: The source terminal providing epic food/booze, and providing a scaling number of a chosen enemy appearing on schedule per day. The witchess set removed a great +ml and +stats potion, an awesome quality +50% item booze, and a meat drop boosting food. On top of that, it also provided 5x free scaling fights per day, with the bosses dropping phenomenal gear. The snojo was a loss of 10 free fights. The floundry was a shame, as it gave a strong piece of gear per day, and could advance certain quests at the same time. RIP protonic backpack and li'l orphan tot. All around, 2017 was a top tier year.

So, what did we get this year?

The Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™
[Image: Saugrinder.gif]
This item is so neat. Although it is another of-hand, it gives free fights against a sausage goblin. Nobody's 100% sure howto predict the goblin's appearance, but it seems to be almost 100% per turn, increasing with each non-goblin combat, and decreasing with each goblin combat. 


Free fights!
The goblin drop sausage casings which you can stuff to give free turns!


Takes up an off-hand slot already occupied by the latte.


Topdog Topdog Topdog / Topdog Topdog Topdog Topdog Topdog
Neat! Great potential once 2020 rolls out and the latte is out of standard.

Lil' Doctor™ bag
[Image: Dbag.gif]

This is an accessory! Every n+5 combats, you get a call to go heal some random dipshit with a random healing item in a random zone. Completing these quests gives you n+500 meat, and after 5 completions upgrades the item's enchantments. What's the enchantment? Mostly just hp regen per turn.


Is not another off-hand.
Gives +3 free fights per day.
Gives +3 banishes per day.
Gives +3 20% delevels AND +200% item drop for that combat per day


I think I already all my accessory slots accounted for.
Who cares?


Topdog  Topdog Topdog / Topdog Topdog Topdog Topdog Topdog

Wake me up if further upgrades give me something to care about. The free fights and banishes alone give 2x Topdog
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
love it!
[Image: JazGXPG.png]

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