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help me buy an arcade stick
so I was just looking around for ps4 controllers (for my PC of course, I'm not a peasant) and I figured I might as well buy an arcade stick while I'm at it, so I can eventually go to other peoples houses and play Tekken without raging about ps4 controllers.

looking at something like one of these. PC compatibility doesn't seem to be a major issue, so I'm focusing on getting the price range right so it doesn't feel cheap, but I'm not spending too much on my first stick..

Yeah so when I went through all this a year or so back, the conclusion was you want a fight stick with Sanwa parts. Which are generally considered the best quality.

I got lucky a bought a stick of trademe for brand new but half the price of what it was from a shop.

The sticks you have above are made of Hayabusa parts (mid range and cheap) and the buttons have a habit of sticking when pressed on funny angles. It will annoy you to no end and affect your pro game.

If the fight stick is even remotely of average quality, you can change buttons anyway. So you can buy Sanwa parts and then swap them out with the existing buttons.

Razer seem to make the best sticks, but they are also much more expensive.

I think the ones you linked are fine, but note that the buttons can be prone to sticking and if that happens it will annoy you.

I will do some research to see what i can find as well.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
That's really interesting ,thanks!
I heard good things about Hayabusa eg the profile of the buttons being flat and smoothed out nicely. I'm ok with replacing 1 thing eg getting an octagonal plate but I don't really want to muck around too much modding it. (Not that I wouldn't if it was cheap enough)
I'm not in any rush to buy so I'm kinda waiting for a good second hand deal too. Tekken on a stick is pretty fun though definitely not as good as keyboard. Using keyboard is practically cheating though.
(24-07-2019, 08:35 AM)admin_sucks_dicks Wrote: buttons being flat and smoothed out nicely.

Yeah thats what you generally want. I think both the sticks above look fine, they'll probably do the job no problem at all. Bonus being full PS4/3 and PC support. They've even included a touch pad so it has the same functionality as a PS4 controller. That would work with any game then.

All I've ever had to do with mine is replace some faulty buttons. And Sanwa stuff from Aliexpress/ebay is like 3$ a button or something nice and cheap like that.

Mightyape was making some of its own branded products for awhile, and the stick I got was this one:

It's got all Sanwa parts, but its a bitch to swap parts out and requires pulling the whole thing apart. Appose to other sticks which have flip tops for easier access to buttons etc.

They don't sell it anymore but still push firmware updates for it. It was like 200$ but I found the same one of trademe for 80$ and jumped on it. So yeah as you say, wait it out and you'll get something of quality for cheap.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps

most likely going for this one, but also:
I found this which is a slightly cheaper more budget version, modded with sanwa parts. Thoughts?

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