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snk heroines tag team frenzy
I might time myself for two hours and then refund, is that unethical?
I have a review coming that should make that unnecessary.

But also no, thats what we all use the refund for. Because for most people they forget and then they have your money so really they are unethically exploiting you just as much.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
So i jammed this on the plane and back from the Greta Van Fleet concert i went to (still slightly tone def. I must be getting old cause why do concerts have to be SO LOUD). Which means i got in less than 2 hours on this game.

I liked it! Its not bad, but not exceptional either. Theres a few interesting things that shake up mechanics a bit, and I guess thats where it shines? Then the rest is just fan service/an excuse to gender swap their characters and get the big tiddy girls to dress up in cow costumes.

Like, its shamefully fan service and just an excuse to make a fun over-the-top game. The main villain is a character from one of the KoF games that steals all the girl characters from their respective games and transports them to a universe outside of their timelines to have them all tag team fight each others in skimpy outfits so he can watch and rub one out from the safety of his liar. This is the story, no lie.

Mechanics-wise, its your standard fighter but a bit light on inputs and overall depth. You have buttons for punch, kick, throw, block, and special moves. Triggers are for swapping characters and using your ultimate move. Unlike any other fighter I've ever play EVER you can't kill with standard moves. To win the match you have to kill with a ultimate attack (called "Dream Finishers") if you are a cabbage and can't get your ultimate off (which is dead simple unless you don't know how to play) then you have to run the clock out and can then win on points.

Basically, as you get attacks off, you charge your special rainbow bar up which lets you use your special attacks (Circle or A button/whatever Steam is) using those attacks spends your special rainbow bar points and you have to build em up again. You need a full bar to let off your wet dream finisher attack though. If you get your opponent down to no health then you can perpetually stun them too which gives you a 100% chance of getting your ultimate move off.

BUT its a tag team game, so you pick your first character as an "attacker" and second as "support" i don't know if this does anything past the name, swapping between characters doesn't seem to change them or limit them to any particular role. You can swap between characters at any time and putting a weak one away chargers their health etc. all standard stuff. However as you attack as one character, it charges the rainbow bar for both. So what i would do is spam special attacks for a lot of damage as one character, then swap to the other real quick and get off the dream finisher to win the match.

Easy as mate. Not much else too it. Oh except there are items everywhere. Remember that game of Tekken you had womblemuppet against my mate Khanh? And he just kept summoning penguins from his foot? This game is like that. You punch these little orbs to get items that your support character can then throw out by using the right analog stick. The direction changes how its used. The items are Guilty Gear Faust level crazy too.

Presentation-wise, not the prettiest game ever, all the detail is in the tits and costumes. Also while you fight its just over the top all the time. Every punch and kick landed results in a confetti burst of love hearts and emojis coming from your characters hands/feet. Yes every time. I wonder if you can turn this off.

Anyway, once i had these mechanics down the game gave me no trouble. I could stomp CPUs by throwing them, landing a basic combo, following it up with some special moves, stunning them, swap characters then use the finisher attack. I played a lady Terry and cow girl costume Mai. The only characters ive played enough in other games and know in this game. Their move sets are the same from what i know, but some moves are dumbed down (one button presses, or one button one direction). The roster is 14 characters i think with another 4 as DLC?

I had fun, and its a perfect game to show your mates who play fighting games to be like "get a load of this average game, its dumb fun".

TL:DR I agree with Steam reviews, 7/10 at best not worth $60 nzd but well worth $20 nzd.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Snk 8 bucks now eb
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In the end I think I'm going to pass on Snk boobs edition.
Too many bad reviews and it seems like it's a bit too brainless.
Back to tekken for me.

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