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boku no hero academia S4
doubt it but that'd be pretty wild. somehow I don't think the bakugo turning evil plot has finished yet, shigaraki was still saying he's an 'important piece', I think if a student turned in some way it'd be him. Suneater's personality just seems like a joke not something that would affect the plot in any significant way.

really excited to finally know what eri's quirk is. interesting how she has a horn, people just seem to grow them in BnHA independently to their actual powers.
Ok the episode was lacklustre but Overhaul's quirk reveal was pretty cool. does reassembly work like reversing time? do broken pieces of something just fly back together? Why does it heal sickness, and why does it cause him to go all bubbly?
Kinda stupid how the 1A students are forced together by plot, and then Aizawa shows some real 4th wall knowledge singling out the MC like the others aren't in the room at all. All the all-might parallels being pointed out in the script is fucking annoying too.
Ended up being lackluster but i was pretty hyped up during it. Bring on the action! Just wait till someone gets kicked
there's so many pro heroes assembled, it's getting hard to believe deku can be useful time and time again. maybe his interaction with Eri will help somehow, with her running to him. Either that or I'd be happy if it makes him do something stupid trying to save her recklessly.
plot twist: it's actually homeroom teacher Vlad making the blood bullets for the yakuza
OK we're getting some average fights! Mild hype! The raid is going exactly as predicted and Midoriya is spoiling things in the episode previews! Good job Deku.

I think the biggest thing that's happened in the last two episodes is Mina got some lines. I've learned I don't like her character but at least she has one?
She was pretty funny last episode though.
ok last episode was back on form completely. it just feels a lot more like BnHA when it's unpredictable. shorts for tomorrow/rest of season are looking hype. lets go lemillion?
lemillion really suffered in direction, how can the episode be so mediocre with such good content.
I have a feeling he might actually be quirkless now, which is insane. Bnha really doesn't pull punches sometimes. though there's a lot of bullshit with quirks this arc too, if either Eri or Overhaul could reverse it it'd make perfect sense. speaking of Eri, it's a needle bullet made of her own blood, surely he could just let her take it lol. If there's one person it wouldn't effect, it'd be her...
These last few episodes really feel like the anime didn't do enough justice to the manga. The whole raid has been stretched out and the pacing's kinda lost.
manga readers on reddit are saying the bullshit really starts next episode, and the next few arcs are complete ass.
so feeling slightly apprehensive... if I drop this anime I have nothing to watch until the final SnK season haha.
new OP, we kon now

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