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Megalo box season 2 announcement!

whoop, glad not all anime has to sit in "will there be a season 2" limbo
I got to like 8 or 10 eps of the first but didnt finish it.... I should really.

Cool its getting a second season. Animation was really good and reminiscent of older style animation. Instead of all this CGI heavy stuff we got these days.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Yeah weird choice for a season 2 if you ask me. The show kind of 'ended'. Not like it was open ending or sometyyhing.

There are other anime more deserving (no game no life pls)
NGNL is defs a guilty pleasure, I know it's garbage plot + wish fulfillment + lolis/weird shit but the art and music is so cool, and there's some neat world design. season 2 would be the bomb.

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