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Who hasn't played Nuclear Throne yet?
[Image: Atyo5a3.png]

Who here plays Nuclear Throne?
For those who don't know what it is, it's a 2D shooting game? Permadeath and approximately 11 levels (sometimes more). Killing all the monsters advances you to the next level, and you collect bars of radiation from the corpses to level up, and with each level you choose a mutation (from all the radiation I guess). It's great fun. There are currently 11 characters to choose from, each has a special (right-click) ability and a unique passive thing.

I made a quiz: see which of the 5 original characters suit you best!

Take the quiz, all abuse welcome etc etc :@
[Image: JazGXPG.png]
I love this game!

I think Melting is still my favorite character:
[Image: 4ZKX3Mm.png]

Low HP yeah, but nothing beats exploding corpses for his special ability.

Found a shovel in my last game. Fuck yeaaahh.
[Image: x1nnfF6.png]

[Image: mlROAM7.png]

However I never make it far past this level, and currently I have the mutation that increases your melee range which is great for the shovel:
[Image: r08UdtX.png]

Goddammit son of a bitch. I swang my shovel to get rid of a sniper and hit like a car and a barrel in the process because of the extended range. Everything blew the fuck up:
[Image: 8D9kAZ3.png]

I notice the developers have added a little bar to show how close you are to the Nuclear Throne now. Nice touch.

Also updated your first post with their logo. Hope you don't mind :p
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
I'm here to shit up the thread by saying I HAVE played it.

It's pretty ballin.

So far, I'm a massive fan of the purple crystal guy. That said, I still haven't got past 2_1, so for all I know my opinion could be shit.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
(05-08-2014, 06:42 PM)Jargonion Wrote: I'm here to shit up the thread by saying I HAVE played it.

It's pretty ballin.

So far, I'm a massive fan of the purple crystal guy. That said, I still haven't got past 2_1, so for all I know my opinion could be shit.

Crystal is a good character to start with. Being able to block all shots is sweet and makes the first boss cake. I find the mutation for teleporting and shielding fucks me up though.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
That reminds me. I need to start using abilities.

Right now, I'm just playing as though the right-click doesn't exist.

I wonder how I can have a favourite character, in that case.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
(05-08-2014, 07:13 PM)Jargonion Wrote: That reminds me. I need to start using abilities.

Right now, I'm just playing as though the right-click doesn't exist.

I wonder how I can have a favorite character, in that case.

Definitely start playing as if it does exist.

I main Melting. Corpse explosions is just way too cool. However I also suck terribly as him because he can only take one hit and then he dies due to his 2HP.

If you get the Rino Skin mutation you can raise his base HP by 4 however.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Okay so I was playing some nuclear throne today, and thought I'd show you some pictures.
So I took some screenshots and then I fucked them up a couple of times because I'm a total novice, but I'll show you what I've got anyway.

[Image: suZYuls.png]
so I took YV for a spin. He is from Venus and starts with a Golden Pistol, which (maybe) has a higher rate of fire, but I'm not sure. His special is when you right click he shoots twice simultaneously, which sounds kinda lame but really isn't. His special doesn't work for melee weapons, as his original character came from a Vlambeer game 'Gun Godz' and it's all about shooting aliens with guns or something... I picked a laser pistol and my first mutation was laser brain so things were good.

[Image: hJH0JDS.png]
it occurred to me it'd be a good idea to screenshot me fighting the Big Bandit, the boss on level 1_3. But I had already killed him so I screenshotted his corpse. sorry

[Image: x67zOip.png]
I know I said YV's ability doesnt work with melee weapons, but he can still use them. The hammer is great in the sewer (2_1) because it kills rats in one, and you can hit them around corners. You can see some dead alligators. Double-high-damage-laser is good vs lazy alligators.

[Image: PRhyye6.png]
So I finally found my car but I forgot the keys.
This is 3_1

[Image: TZJ3B4r.png]
If you do level 3_2 right, it can take you to a secret room where you can choose a crown. Each crown has advantages and disadvantages. You can't see any of the crowns because I only saved half my screenshot because I'm retarded. You CAN however see that I am way low on laser ammo. Despite that I chose the CROWN OF GUNS which means more weapons are dropped but you never get ammo drops. This was a really dumb move.

[Image: TVHHNoo.png]
once again my well intentioned attempt to screenshot a boss is hampered by me not doing a good job. I almost immediately ran out of laser and had to take the Big Dog out with a hammer alone. This isn't too bad because all his projectiles can be smacked back into him, and if you're careful you can hit him a few times without stress.

[Image: xEbULYO.png]
so after the big dog blew up, I went and checked to see what guns were around. There were loads of shit guns (at least for this stage of the game) and the only piece worth looking at was this Double Shotgun. Y.V.s right-click can make this a quadruple shotgun, which is cool. The problem is though this is a cursed box. If I pick up the shotgun, I can never drop it.

[Image: jravwYE.png]
The plus side is that it emitts purple smoke. So fukken cool

[Image: Gnf47VA.png]
I totally forgot to take a screenshot of level 4_1. Sorry. The shotgun was a godsend and put many floating laser-shooting crystals to rest. Heading to the next level though, I'm almost out (each shot uses 2 shells) and the levels are only getting more ammo-intensive.
I chose the 'Shotgun Fingers' mutation which makes shells bounce like crazy. The double shotgun produces 8 projectiles I think, and now the likelihood each will collide with an enemy is much better.

[Image: NumyH8u.png]
I almost immediately ran out of shells, got jumped by yetis, died horribly.
Moral of the story: Don't run out of ammo I guess.
[Image: JazGXPG.png]
Man you are too good at Nuclear Throne. I am yet to step foot in the ice levels.

I could probably get alot close if I wasn't such a whore for Melting...

Will post my miss-adventures soon!
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
So I had 2 really good runs recently. One last week that ended in tears and one today that ended in anger.

Last weeks run:

Was playing Steroids and found me an ENERGY SWORD and was busying slaying all the Police that turn up that try stop you going through a special portal that leads to the throne room:
[Image: HO3HLOr.png]

This is all the dead Police after I went through the portal:
Tip: Energy swords messes them up yo.
[Image: b6xdoX9.png]

And for the first time ever I got a throne:
[Image: sim9Mas.png]

They are all still poorly drawn as the game is still technically early access lol. I picked the crown for lots of ammo for guns:
[Image: nACnCvu.png]

And that was it. I spawned on 3_3 and got instantly fucked by the boss and way to many bad guys all at once. I was so sad to have it all taken away from me so soon :(

My awesome run today went so well though. I was playing my favorite character Melting. Melting on has 2HP which means 1 SHOT can kill him at any time.

However I got all my favorite mutations for Melting:
  • Ryno Skin: +4HP, bring him to a total of 6HP.
  • Throne-Butt: Bigger Corpse Expolisons (so cool with Melting)
  • Scary Face: Less enemy HP.
  • Impact Wrists: Corpses go flying when you kill and enemy and deal damage (this plus Throne-Butt is the shit for Melting).
  • Recycle Gland: Most hit shots regenerate ammo.

I got all the way to 3_3 and had a freaking bazooka and kill the boss with it:
[Image: GzyMb2b.png]

That's me hiding like a little bitch behind the wall.

I then go to 4_1 which I have never been to before:
[Image: dPlzwu4.png]

I then proceeded to die so quickly:
[Image: g7zTEtU.png]

Full health to nothing in like 2 seconds flat. Those orange floating crystals shot lasers at me?

fresher taco please explain.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Good work, the crystal ways is a tough place to get to. The floating crystals are immediate death if you collide with them. They fire lasers too which you have plenty of notice to avoid (unless you don't recognise the sparkles and the charge up noise as dangerous) I'm not sure how much damage they do because I am so scared of them. The spiders are fast moving so this whole level just fills me up with ulcers inside.
Also note that the recycle gland effect only applies to bullets, the ammo type. So if you are using guns that fire bolts, explosives, laser or shells (including pop gun/rifle) that mutation is irrelevant. Although, you should try with Y.V: recycle gland + throne butt + assault rifle. Assault rifle typically fires 4 bullets, however Y.V;s (amplified) right click multiplies that by four, and with recycle gland you get most back. That's 16 bullets in one go, it can explode a big maggot in one, and if you use something crossbowish or explosive then that rifle will stay a sensible choice up until near the end.

So I was gonna do that and screenshot it but I got distracted by DOUBLE FLAME SHOTGUN
[Image: ahdMLWj.png]
which I now realise is halfway concealed behind my isoceles bod. It's pretty cool though. each shell turns into fire. I'm not sure if the shotgun fingers makes this an incredible weapon or not because I quickly died because I wasn't watching out for snipers, and I still haven't finished my stats homework so screw you Ghost I'm gonna finish with a story half done

Oh and the crystal ways is where the Crystal character get's her(i think it's a her) look from, although I think it was probably reverse designed etc etc. Also those bits that stick out of the walls resemble Crystals beta skin. Quite a few characters now have little bits of reference stitched into the game and they are planning more. However in my opinion the backstory to a game like this is like the lyrics of metal: you're better off not seeking them out, it's cheesy, and it kinda dampens your enthusiasm for the game a bit. (Specifically I am thinking of the game trailer you can watch on the steam site (Don't: it's lame) and "You Will Know My Name" by Arch Enemy (try not to listen to the lyrics, they are lame)(gotta love nested parentheses) )
[Image: JazGXPG.png]

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