Poll: Who would you vote for? (join the TOP party if you actually want to vote in real life)
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Anthony Singh
0 0%
Amy Stevens
0 0%
Jessica Hammond
0 0%
Donna Pokere-Philips
0 0%
Geoff Simmonds
1 100.00%
Total 1 vote(s) 100%
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There are 5 candidates putting their names forward for leader
There'll be a TOP leadership election around about the end of this year.
You were all thinking "I thought Geoff was in charge now" or "I thought TOP was dead who cares"

Yeah well there's going to be an election and I thought that Geoff was going to be the only substantive candidate but Jessica Hammond is also making a bid:
Each gave a blurb about themselves and most posted a short video, and I have summarised these into a bad meme:
[Image: yKC7Ilc.png]

If anyone asked me a few days ago I would have said confidently that Geoff would 100% get my vote. However I think Jessica Hammond is also a very viable contender so yeah we'll see. Plan to attend a leadership debate on soon so if I get to go I'll fill yous all in on all the hot goss
Amy Stevens does look like John Key. I think it's the shit eating grin that I think someone might have photoshopped onto that image because it's identical.
[Image: Nsi2Ruz.png]

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