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J'argon'ion Plays: Morrowind

One of us is a pleb who never got into Morrowind. I will play the game, and break it down into English so that they can feel satisfied that they experienced the game without having to play it.

Right off the bat, let me ruin this. I will be using two mods. Usually, I don't like mods and prefer vanilla over everything else, but Morrowind is vastly helped by these two.

The first mod is a multiple mark and recall mod. Mark is a spell that marks a location for teleportation. Recall sends you back to the location that you marked. In Morrowind, you only have one mark location. This is handy, but since the game has no real fast travel and plays  slowly, it's kind of annoying. There was a mod ages ago that let you set...6(?) marks. I can't find this mod any more, but there's a new one that gives you up to 12 based off of your mysticism skill, which seems lore appropriate.

The cedon mod is one for a merchant. There are two 'fences' in the game, and both have more gold than any other merchant. 

They still don't have enough.

Years ago, when I looked for a mod to increase Creeper's merchant gold, I only found one that gave him 50k. That's chump change. For the past decade, I've always resorted to making my own mod to change this. Now, I don't have a CD reader any more, so I can't install the construction kit from disk, but I did find a mod that restored the files for the Steam version.

[Image: bOVptAr.png]
First mistake was installing it in the wrong folder.

[Image: FfBirpd.png]
Ah, here he is.

[Image: rVk5UZG.png]
Used to be that you'd sell Creeper a bunch of valuable items, then come back later with a super valuable item. You'd sell him the super valuable items in exchange for his gold and any valuable items you sold him in the past, then rest to reset his gold. You'd then sell back all the valuable items one by one, resting in between sales. This cuts out all that tedious wait time.

For this run, I will play as a dark elf (lore reasons). Beyond that, anything goes. 

The story is that hundred of years ago, the dwarfs found the heart of a God in a mountain. The Nerevar (some war guy) went and cleared them out with his friends (the tribunal) and an army. The Nerevar and the Tribunal found the heart, and the Nerevar decided to destroy it. The tribunal, and the Nerevar's friend thought "fuck that" and killed him, and became Gods themselves.

The tribunal fucked off, and did their own God things.  Vivec hung out at Morrowind, suspending a meteor over the temple city built around him (after he died, the meteor hit the city and wiped out Morrowind (this is in Skyrim)), Sotha Sil went mad and built a sprawling clockwork city, and Alamexia (Neravar's wife?) had a temple built around her on the mainland.

The tribunal had to go back to the heart every now and then to renew their powers. The friend, Dagoth Ur, however, had been plotting. He harnessed the power of the heart and decided to create a plague across Morrowind, and rule it as its God, pushing out all the foreigners.

You play as the possible reincarnation of the Nerevar. Nobody knows if you are the Nerevar(ine) or not, but you're their only hope. You fuck around for ages, and eventually follow the prophecy to see whether or not you are the Nerevarine. You meet the spirits of the failed Nerevarines along the way.

The game is over once I kill Dagoth Ur, and the Tribunal. Fuck those guys.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
Any reason why Morrowind was something you wanted to have a crack at? I've always heard mixed things and its hella old now. It has a pretty dam big map though right?
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Morrowind. Is. Fucking. Dope.

The map isn't even that big, but ti's so well designed it feels like it.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
Is dagger fall the one I am thinking about then? Like literally one of the largest maps ever.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
[Image: jsaS5lC.jpg]
Ok, Character created! My multiple mark and recall mod gave me huge issues with loading and dialogue, so I'll have to come back to that later.

You start out on a prison boat, and get turfed off at Morrowind (Vvardenfell, the big island in Morrowind, to be accurate). You start off in the customs house filling out your papers to declare your class and race. I've decided to go very jack of all trades and combat orientated. I'm not too worried, since I'll be so rich that I can just buy stats for anything I want to level.

I start off in the customs house, and steal most things of value, and a bunch of alchemy ingredients.

[Image: 2bX8CTN.jpg]
I finish off by getting my papers and my instructions. It turns out some guy bought me a pardon (or something), and I need to report to him. I happen to know he won be too fussed if I take my time, so I'll take the long way to Balmora.

I start by giving Fargoth back his ring (that you find in the tutorial), and head straight to the general store. 

[Image: Jzk4See.jpg]
At this point, I sell all my junk from the customs house, and buy a steel warhammer. I gave it a test swing in the middle of the store, and this pissed everyone off. I am promptly murdered.

At this point, I stop for the night.

The adventure begins!
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
[Image: K1HRKCA.jpg]
After reloading, I decide to beeline straight to the lighthouse- I remember there's a skill book in there. It only gives me a level in unarmed combat, but I guess it's nice to have.

[Image: LMs18li.jpg]
I head back into the general store, and promptly buy an axe instead of a warhammer. I'll notice this later, after I flee from combat with a mudcrab.

I head to the top floor of the store to the bar, and chat up Hrisskar- Fargoth owes him gold, and he wants me to get it for him. This is a quick quest with a moderate reward, so I accept.

I know where Fargoth's hiding place is, but I can't actually explore it until I see him visit it. so, I wait just outside the city boundaries until night time.
[Image: 5yXh4NG.jpg]
While waiting, I get ambushed by an assassin. This is part of the Tribunal DLC, and I think terribly paced- assassins shouldn't appear at the start of the game. They're hard to kill, but their gear is pretty great for a fresh start and sells for a good amount. We'll find out why assassins are coming after me later on, but it seems like someone knows something I don't.

Anyway, I die.

[Image: ht3eNTd.jpg]
[Image: 1l2qnGg.jpg]I head off to the lighthouse, and wait until dark. Eventually, I see Fargoth sneak off into the pond with a hollow tree stump.

[Image: gAC9yq1.jpg]
300 gold, and his ring. The reward for handing the gold back in is 100 gold. I can either never give this back to Hrisskar, hand it in and get 30% back, or borrow it until later when I don't care about losing 200 gold.

The last option didn't occur to me, so I handed it in and gained a little influence with Hrisskar.

[Image: eFVRJtq.jpg]
I head out of Seyda neen (collecting all the mushrooms and flowers I can), and come across what I think is the most iconic part of every Morrowind run. A Telvanni mage falls from the sky. He is testing scrolls of super jumping, and it looks like they worked. Too bad he didn't find a way to land softly. I take his 3 remaining scrolls, and carry on. These are the only scrolls of their kind in the game, and I can probably find good use for at least one of them.

[Image: iY8wOiB.jpg]
On my way to Balmora, I go off path a bit and find a cave entrance. Inside is some Redguard, and a Dunmer who isn't happy to see me. The Dunmer summons a zombie, and I am ganked to death.

In Morrowind, there are no scaling enemies. Everything is hand placed with set levels. You must tread carefully, and I made a mistake by thinking I could handle this situation.

[Image: pepzlTB.jpg]I make it to Balmora. First thing's first, I think I'd better find Caius Cosades.

[Image: fKmCRBY.jpg]Here he is. Some old, half naked Skooma addict.

[Image: UrY1CWc.jpg]
Caius gives me my orders. Just like that, I am a member of the blades. It looks like the emperor has taken notice of me, and the blades have plans for me. Regardless of what they are, Caius wants me to blend in. I am given a small stipend of gold, and told to fuck off and look like an adventurer.

I can do that.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
So, soon I will chose a House to join. There are five Houses:

Telvanni- Isolationist mages. They live in really cool towers. In order to properly navigate them, you need some form of levitation, as they are vertical without stairs.
Redoran- Focused on being pious and their duties. These are a cool house because they live within the exoskeleton of an enormous land crab which died a long time ago. During the Oblivion crisis, while the other Houses did nothing, House Redoran revived the crab and fought bravely.
Hlaalu- Mercantile businessmen. The primary focus of this house is the accumulation of wealth.
Indoril- Protectors of the Tribunal and the Temple. They don't exist in Vvarvendfell, instead hanging out on the mainland in the old capitol of Mournhold.
Dres- Agricultural guys. I don't know much about them.

There's also a sixth house- but that belongs to the big bad.

Of these Houses, you can only join the first three.

I'm going to join House Hlaalu- I'm going to have a very self centered play through, and this house best fits that attitude.

I will also be joining the Mage's and Fighter's guilds. Although I won't have a huge magic focus, there are a few spells I want later on, and the mages guild also has a teleport system between buildings, which is super handy for transport.

I won't post blow-by-blows for everything that I do, but I will keep a somewhat detailed account of the main story, or other interesting things that I do.

Hopefully, I'll soon be adequately rich and powerful, and will be a broken God not too long after that!
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
[Image: ymBf53h.jpg]
So, I joined the guild of Mages.

The oath I had to take says that I wont kill or steal from a guild member. Let's keep this in mind...

I smash through a few early quests- One is to collect mushrooms (I had them all from my journey to Balmora). The next quest is to steal a soul gem from a guild member, and replace it with a dud one. It's a prank between two guild members who are having a rivalry. This quest triggers the guild member that I'm sabotaging to move downstairs, away from her desk. This desk is laden with high value items. Since I'm immediately being ordered to break my oath, I pilfer a few extra soul gems.

[Image: ejwJKUn.jpg]
I feel dirty.

Then, since I'm a guild member, I use the teleport service to go to the next town over- Caldera. In Caldera, there is a house full of Orcs, and one sentient scamp. This scamp is Creeper, and he'll buy almost anything from me.

[Image: dFcaLg6.jpg]
[Image: FFgWSMm.jpg]There are also a few bits of Orc armour in the house that I pilfer- it's moderately valuable, but will provide more protection than nothing against the trial I am about to undertake.

[Image: UIYkznH.jpg]
I go back to the Mage's guild in Balmora (no beds in Caldera), and sleep until I get ambushed by another assassin. My fellow guild members are no help, but my new armour helps me take him down.

[Image: uWO7x3v.jpg][Image: 6inwEti.jpg]
The Orcish armour is medium armour. I have no interest in medium armour. The assassin's gear is light armour (and pretty damn good for early game), which I am interested in (for now).

I then sell the orcish armour to Creeper, and teleport to the main city of Vivec to check out the smith there. On my way out of the Guild of Mages, I pick up a master set of alchemy tools. I buy a steel warhammer from the smith, and then visit the guild of fighters. Luckily, I don't have to be a member to train there, and pay a skill trainer to level both my blunt and my longsword skills up to lvl 50 (the highest level this guy can train to). This also earns me two levels.

So, here I am. Decent armour, combat capable stats (still a long way to go, though), and 60k in gold. Once I get the right rank in the guild of mages, I am going to abuse a bug to set up an endless supply of Golden Saint Souls. Basically, when you  sell a merchant something he already stocks, the new amount he has on hand becomes his new default selling amount. I am going to buy both Golden Saint summon scrolls from the merchant in Caldera, rest until his stock refreshes, then sell them both back to him. He'll then have 4 scrolls as a default. I'll do this over and over until I can buy a dozen at a time. I'll then summon the Golden Saints, and kill them and trap their souls for the best possible enchanting potential for my gear (and cash!). But that will come much later.

Although 60k is a fortune at this stage in the game, it's chump change that I'm going to blow in pursuit of better things. Gotta spend money to make money.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
Next up, I blow 30k on training skills. I get a few more levels in blunt weapons, and spend the rest on enchanting and alchemy. I'm actually being super wasteful here. When you level up in Morrowind, you get to choose 3 attributes to level up. However, attributes governing skills that you levelled up on that level before levelling up grant an extra level of upgrade for that attribute (up to...3x? for one skill) up to x5. Because I'm just click spamming through the training, I'm losing out on these possible bonuses. For example, if I train longswords 20 times, I'll get 2 levels. On level up, if I select strength as an attribute to level up, it will be +3 points. The second time I level up, there will be no bonuses for anything, because all of the credit was assigned to the previous level.

If I were optimal, though, I would level 2x strength governed skills (long sword, blunt weapons) 3x and 2x respectively to give me a x5 strength on level up, and get my other 5 skill level up needed to level up from a different attribute. I would then level up immediately so that any other strength skill level ups would count towards the next level. This is a very, very poor explanation, but the point is that I am being extremely wasteful. I'll probably salvage it at the end, and at this stage, I'll take short-term boosts over min-maxing.

[Image: THVygrB.jpg]

While sleeping to trigger my level ups, another assassin attacked. He had a poisoned blade, which caused me a little grief, but I managed to take him down after scoffing a few potions. I sold his gear to a pawnshop vendor, who liked it so much he wore it right away.

Then I joined House Hlaalu and started making some mad cheddar. First quest involved disguising myself as a deceased Redoran member, and picking up a package from a Redoran leader. It paid a good sum.

Here's that giant land crab exoskeleton they all live inside of:
[Image: 6sxOeA3.jpg]
 For the next quest, I had to steal a lady's alchemy recipes. I cheesed this one. Her recipes were on a bench right next to her. In morrowind, if you jump and steal something at the exact moment your head hits the ceiling, nobody will register you stealing something. I like to imagine that I smacked my head on the ceiling, fell on her table, and in all the commotion slipped her recipes into my pocket without her noticing.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
[Image: s2K0sPl.jpg]
I get a quest from Hlaalu to go shut down an egg mine just over the hills from Suran. After buying a ride to Suran, I prepare to head over the hills, but run into this dark elf. Curious.

[Image: s5KURH7.jpg]
I head over the wrong part of the hill, and run into a Daedric ruin. This is not ideal, as only silver or greater weapons can even scratch Daedric beasts. I steer clear.

[Image: Nyk7ADg.jpg]
I kill the Kwama queen in the egg mine (terrible lighting, no photo), and head back over the hills to hitch a ride back from Suran. On the way I meet Umbra.

Except for the end game bosses, and Vivec, I think Umbra is the strongest NPC in the game. He carries the sword "Umbra", which is very powerful, and appears in at least Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. I try him on, and was surprised that he took three whole hits to kill me. I barely dented him. I'll be back for Umbra later.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]

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