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Season 3 of A Series of Unfortunate Events
Lemony Snicket Wrote:Like handshakes, house pets, and raw carrots, many things are preferable when not slippery, and the least preferable slippery thing is a slope, which is why I implore you to look away.

Just started watching episode one now, pretty excited
Finished it two days ago.

Overall, it's excellent. Especially during the trial when you're like "oh yeah, lots of really nasty stuff did happen". The whole show is wrapped up in so much of a kiddy filter, that it was nice to have everything laid out.

I both like the fact that they wrapped everything up at the end, but hate that they wrapped everything up at the end. The books had such an ambiguous ending with so many loose ends and questions, and I loved it. The book's ending left you unsettled and upset, and it really brought home to message of the series which is that life is chaos, and there are no true good/bad people, and that everything just is. I still like the ending from the TV show, but I think it might have put too much on the table.
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Enough time has passed.

Olaf's death was GOAT. Even though he was overly camp through the entire series, his death was the only gory one. He was enraged, and screamed, and resigned, and accepting all at the same time.
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