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Katamari is hella decent
So here's a game series I have long heard of, but never thought I would be into:

[Image: 475731-touch-my-katamari-ps-vita-front-cover.jpg]

Its a long standing series that started on PS2, but man its fun.

I only picked it up because ive been nabbing cheap Vita games before they become ultra expensive (the deader the console, the more they are usually worth). And this was a launch title exclusive.

Really decent game. The goal is to roll shit up in a ball to get it as big as you can, or as the level demands. So sorta like rolling a big snow ball. But you roll everything from household items, to later levels where you are rolling up cites. My fav level was starting in a park being not much smaller than a person, and ending with rolling across mountains haha. Really awesome level design, which is where i think the game most shines.

Very short tho, over and out in 5 ish hours. But the idea is in the replayability and beating your old score on levels plus collecting all the bonus stuff.

Switch just got a shiny new port of the first game, now called Katamari Damacy: Reroll. Thinking of picking it up, but it seems to be no longer than what I just played and they want 30$. Also the original game had bad tank controls. There is a free demo and you are stuck with these controls. So bad. I hear there is a 'simple' control set that makes it more modern (hopefully twin stick like the Vita version) but I cannot confirm this in my googling.

Either way, go by an expensive dead Vita and then a copy of this game (currently 7$ on sale digital) or buy the Switch version and pray the simple controls float your boat.

[Image: King.jpg]
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