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2019 Spring Anime
I had very low expectations coming into this season of anime as next season is super stacked (Attack on Titan S3P2, One Punch Man S2, Chihayafuru S3, even the Fruit Baskets remake) but I have been pleasently surprised by some of the shows airing this season. Heres a run down of 3 that I'm watching:

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagri (The Rising of the Shield Hero)
Airs Wednesday, MAL:
This is your typical e-sekai where the main protagonist is transported to another world (think Sword Art Online-ish) which has been done over and over. They seem to bring in some sort of twist each time they redo it and this one puts a real nice spin on it that I enjoy. The basis of it is four people gets transported to this game-like world and are called 'the heroes'. They each have different weapons (sword, spear, bow and shield). They are expected to save the fantasy world by defeating waves of enemies that come periodically, the only thing is the heroes are low level and need to grind monsters to level up. The main protagonist is the shield hero and is pretty much written off by everyone as useless because he can only defend and cant even wield a sword. He ends up getting fucked over big time, loses all of his money and respect from the city he is in (I wont spoil how) and ends up being pretty much driven by his rage and anger at everyone else. The first episode is 45 minutes and is pretty epic, if you watch it and dont like it then you wont like the whole series and also fuck you.

Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland)
Airs Thursday, MAL:
This is a mystery/horror about kids in an orphanage who are looked after by one person, "Mama". Kids are aged between 5-12 and everyone is super happy, loving life and awaiting the day they will move out of the orphanage and into a real family. Each child has a weird barcode tattooed on their neck which is a little weird but I'll run with it. They do some weird tests everyday where a score is taken but doesn't really seem to mean anything. They get to play outside everyday where they usually play tag (foreshadow much?). The only thing is they are not allowed to go past a fence which surrounds the area of the orphanage. They are also not allowed to go near a big gate - the only way in and out of the orphanage. The protagonist is a 12 year old girl who is smart and very athletic. There are two other main boys, both super smart (all getting top scores on this test they do). The episode ends with one of the younger kids in the orphanage being adopted and taken through the main gate. The protagonist realises the person leaving has left her teddy bear behind, and rushes after her. She breaks the rules and goes past the gate to hopefully give the teddy bear back, only to find the girls dead body and some supernatural creatures talking with each other. Now its time to form a plan to escape.

Airs Tuesday, MAL:
This one is set in feudal Japan where the leader of a town is sick of famine and no money so rather than praying to the gods for help, he prays for help from 48 demons. He tells them if he can rule the nation they can have anything of his that they want. A while later his wife has their first born son. As he is born lightning strikes the house. The baby is born without skin, eyes, ears or anything really. The leader is ecstatic because he knows the demons are listening and hes going to get what he wants. The baby is taken to the riverside to be killed, but instead is placed in a boat and sent down the river. 16 years passes and an unknown warrior who has prosthetic arms and legs and wears a mask is walking through towns. He also has swords for arms which is pretty fucking cool. The story follows this warrior as he defeats supernatural beings and I guess figure out where he came from? And revenge or something? I dunno its only 2 episodes in.

If you like the sound of any of these, give it a watch and let me know what you think. If you wanna watch it week by week I can post weekly discussion threads about all of the episodes.
Awesome post, all three sound interesting! May try a the first episode of each and see if I feel like committing to a series
Yakusoku sounds like shinsekai yori. I wonder if it's equally trash. 
Good post tho. I might watch some ep 1's of these and report back!

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