Poll: Which character are you most excited to see in season 8
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Eddard Stark
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Qhorin Halfhand
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Catelyn Stark
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Oberyn Martell
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Stannis Baratheon
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Margaery Tyrell
0 0%
Petyr Baelish
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2 100.00%
Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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April 14 Season 8 Game of Thrones

Who's excited? This is going to be a hot mess but we'll see a lot of low-importance characters frivolously murdered off now that they don't need to be saved for arbitrary plot contrivances and weird filler arcs

Hamfisted fanservice and boring conclusions incoming, I'm going to love hating this
Very excite. We're doing a pool at work where you try and guess who lives and dies by the end of it. Winner gets $50.
(01-04-2019, 06:02 PM)Oathy Wrote: pool at work where you try and guess who lives and dies by the end of it
love it,

I'm going to have to think about similar games, death bingo or something

Also this April 1st video actually throws down plenty of plausible predictions
Who wants to play GoT death bingo with me?

[Image: LdnxoDT.png]

Fill in your own bingo sheet. Take a swig of wine every time you cross something off your board and when you complete a line force everybody else playing to take a couple of gin* shots

if you're not an idiot use this link to see who might actually be in the show
I'll join! Is this acceptable?

[Image: m7EnKbc.png]
hahaha fuck yea

excellent choices I like your odds
get excited this is going to be great

but also use spoiler guards or whatever you call those things
[Image: JazGXPG.png]
Hope for a good season : STILL ALIVE. Epsiode 2 was much better than episode 1. The writing was an improvement, and if this season is really going to feel like fan-fiction
through to the end I'm glad they included FORGESEX.
I believe I have nothing to cross off my death pool. Plot continuity was a bad choice for me I realise, as I'm not really paying attention and I really don't want to rewatch last season's garbage.
I still wouldn't say the writing was great, just an improvement.
episode 3 lame ending

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