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Who would've guessed that Fortune magazine was trash?
Fortune Editors Wrote:This Is the Emotional Quality That the World’s Greatest Leaders All Share
Our sixth annual leaders list is the home of the brave. These thinkers, speakers, and doers make bold choices and take big risks—and move others to do the same.

When Anna Nimiriano goes to work in the morning at the Juba Monitor newspaper in South Sudan, she may not have to worry about getting fired. She’s the editor-in-chief. But she does have to worry about being jailed or even killed. The authoritarian government frequently dislikes what she publishes. At least seven journalists have been murdered in South Sudan since its civil war began in 2013, and President Salva Kiir has explicitly threatened to kill more. The One Free Press Coalition of major news organizations says Nimiriano “lives under constant threat.” Yet she carries on.

Nimiriano is No. 8 on our new list of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders, an example of astounding courage. Not many of our other honorees risk their lives, but it’s striking how courage is a theme running powerfully through this year’s list. Whether in business, government, education, sports, or NGOs, these leaders take action before others do, leading from out front, where the risk is often dire and their own future least certain. Everyone has something to lose, and many on our list risk possessions that most people value highly: reputation, career, fortune, esteem.

Consider Lloyds Banking Group CEO António Horta-Osório, who has openly acknowledged his struggle with mental health. Such an admission was previously inconceivable for a high-profile CEO, so he couldn’t know what would happen. Turns out it has brought him praise rather than scorn and has helped lift a stigma in an industry notorious for driving workers up to and beyond their limits.

Great leaders never know for sure if their plans will work, but they plunge ahead anyway. That’s why we recognize sheer audacity, well intended, even if the results aren’t known and even if the plans aren’t universally applauded. CEO Tim Cook is steering Apple, a giant worth over $900 billion, away from heavy reliance on slowing iPhone sales and toward a business model based on subscription revenue. Many industry experts are skeptical. All we know for sure is he had to act, he’s working at gigantic scale, and he isn’t playing it safe.

It's brave, risking life in the interest of free press in a nation ravaged by civil war, genocide, corruption, famine and a ruling power that may destroy you.
But also Tim Cook is very brave for diversifying Apple's portfolio

The Top 50 Leaders list also ranks in all 42 newly elected female politicians in the USA (including Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) at number 18 below Sean McVay; "The youngest head coach in modern NFL history took his team to the Super Bowl"
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More than just the vapid fandom of the ultra-wealthy as you might expect from Fortune magazine

that said I love lists and links and shit so whatever, check it out
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Bravest of all, is literally Bill Gates spending money.
Splitting up the big business CEO leadership, social activism leadership, and freedom activist leadership would have made sense, but also made it harder to get to 50 you know?
"In difficult times, you’re going to be saying something. Don’t talk about how big your challenge is. Talk about how big your dick is." ~ Joel Dongsteen

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