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Attack on titan season 3 part 2
It's finally here boys, discuss the season here.
fuck haven't watched this shit i cant discuss a dick in the forest right now blow me fucking hell
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
holyyyy shit this is epic I love this anime

" LUCKILY I TRANSFERRED MY CONSCIOUS INTO MY LOWER BODY" yeah thats some bullshit you just pulled reiner


hahahaha this anime is so good.
Holy shit ep 5
^holy shit they killed armin
shit is going down, they gotta be using that serum pretty soon
shit is definitely going down. I actually had hope a while ago that they would be ballsy enough to kill off armin, but I never thought it would actually happen because of the shonen-character-trio trope. it'd be so much like SnK to have the serum go completely to waste. or it just turns someone into a normal brainless titan. that'd be so good. I think Erwin is dead for good, so with this battle seemingly over I wonder how it can get used this cour, noone's going to be in danger for a while? I'm going to analyse the pre-season teaser, it looks like it's after the battle and levi's pissed about something.

But man this is top tier. The art/music is so good too (minus the openings).
Oh man we're finally caught up to the spoilers I've known for a few years!
At armageddon 2017 (i think?) I bought the latest english volume of attack on titan i could get and it was this episode!
hahaha I knew it. they would never kill off armin.
I know right. Looking forward to tomorrows episode!

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