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Wargroove -Web River - A tale of salt and stupidity
So me and some friends played some Wargroove, and I had decided to keep a thoughts log of the game as it ran its course. Some of the predictions turned out true and some of them were hilariously false/unnecessary. 

Web river - the SAGA

[Image: jPLVzHS.png]
Quote:web river turn 3? maybe 4

-captured two cities on the right and two to the middle,
moved swordsmen left, crossed river with commander to left and attacked Benji's spearman to the left.
Web river is a 4p map with 4 central cities to fight over and advantage to attackers fighting counter-clockwise.
Not all the borders are even though, Green has 4 cities in close range to the enemy, Blue has 1. The tree/river placements are also skewed a bit and this might affect who attacks across the border and who attacks the centre.
The capping moves are obvious enough. I have 4 barracks already and don't want to attack upward, so the barracks to the right is low priority.
The brave swordsman in the middle cluster of cities will take a big whack from a medieval kid with a mech, but mission accomplished. With murder teddy's commander blocked I can send the 1hp unit to cap the city above, putting me with the highest income by 200g next turn.
Jordan (red) has the weakest starting position (good because he's first in turn order!). The red-green border is hard to defend for green because of the city placement, but right now the river stops jordan attacking. but, with the middle cities a long way away and the need to keep units to defend his command tower, jordan won't be doing anything for a while.
Murder Teddy on the other hand, has a strong army (minus commander) on the cyan red border, and enough money to make a treb next turn. Red's spearmen are slow and jordan won't wagon his units to the right so it would be a strong attack.
Teddy isn't sending any units down, and his commander is going left to get some groove charge but that's about it.
Benji (green) will send his army down to fight me, but his commander is stuck defending the forest square on his border. The green/red border is rough for green with not many treb placements for green and the possibility of red's treb hitting all of green's base.
Benji should have to defend that border by moving units above the river, stretching jordan between two fronts.
I'm attacking with Mercia to the left basically because I can.
Assuming I don't die to the 3 units already defending (I shouldn't , I think, but I've been burnt before) , the extra groove charge I get will be useful healing my mass of units with Mercia AOE.
I've saved my money to build a treb, which goes above my barracks to defend my forward two cities, and the path to the right. Teddy can still send units along the right border of the map out of range but I'll have plenty of time to see him coming.
The plan early is to build swordsmen early to fight Benji's army until jordan has the balls to attack the red/green border. A treb would be low-value on that river so after swordsmen archers can attack the cities and get me the bottom cities.
Knights would counter this comp meaning I would be forced to buy spearmen who are lumbering af. Tenri (green commander) coming down to fight me would leave green's cities vunerable to siege + doggo power so I just need to wait if that happens.
So I'm assuming:
Teddy attacks jordan quickly, with his commander mucking around in the middle for a bit and then moving up (not down as there's a treb)
Jordan dicks around, or potentially wagons a unit into the middle which would be dumb
Benji tries to kill my commander, and backs up the bottom border with lots of units but not his commander giving me the edge.
Unless Benji also sends an army upward, he will die slowly.
I slowly try to grab the bottom 1/2 of the map. The middle will probably go to Teddy who will eventually have a big enough army to attack downward.

[Image: uKmK1kE.png]
Quote:web river turn 4

-captured top right middle city, captured city above blue command tower, captured right-side barracks,
killed green 2x swordsmen 1x spearmen
Looks like Jordan's gonna get dicked. I'm guessing he'll wagon his commander back and make a wall of spearmen. Benji can then take the two close cities with his commander.
Murder Teddy will take 3~ turns (depending on Benji's swordsman) to take the middle-right two cities (nothing I can do to stop it I believe, treb won't defend the bottom-right city). 
Benji's fodder stream will eventually push me back in the bottom left unless I take the forward barracks. Assuming he moves everything down I'll have to run away until I have 2 or 3 archers, so maybe it's best to run next turn so he doesn't buy anything expensive. Likewise, 
Murder Teddy has no units in his base but even with a surprise giant from the bottom barracks he'd have 3 turns to buy something. Buying a ballista next turn to do the same as the treb would deter Teddy from getting the middle (it's just at max range, 6 squares).

[Image: vkVjIh1.png]

Quote:Web River turn 5

-Continued attack on green/blue border, moved treb to defend middle, made 2x archers.
What is Jordan (red) doing he's going to die ahahahaha.
Red continued attack, meaning Benji moved less units than expected down. With 3 archers on their way, I think I can straight take the forward barracks with the current units.
Client bugged out on one of my attacks, leaving footman with his feet wet in the river. He has a mind of his own.
I honestly think Jordan is going to die soon so starting next turn I will make it a priority to mass units on the blue/cyan border. Best would be units strong on their own at taking buildings (archers trebs).
If I attack too early I will paint a target on my head since I have the highest income already. Maybe I can make the treb at my main base on the road, and zoom it up the following turn (sneaky).
Benji is continuing to send swordsmen and spearmen who will die to my archers..

[Image: 4KAwquY.png]

Quote:Web River turn 6

RIP jordan. Benji and Teddy will take over the red area over the next 2-3 turns, and will start fighting over the middle soon.
I think even if I succeed in destroying Teddy's command tower I'll lose the game anyway as it stands, but since Teddy will take most of the red base, I need to pressure him or I'll lose the middle.
Fuck me Benji has a lot of spearmen. I'm pretty sure until they get nerfed (if ever) mass spearmen + trebs is the strongest army comp.
Lets see what I can do against the conga line..

[Image: uNuKzBf.png]

This turn I forget to write-up, and I die the turn after to a silly mistake. Fuck me.
Great post. Why am i JUST "Jordan" should i be offended I am not worthy of any title?

Yeah this was the second (potentially 3rd?) time playing this map after a server wipe and then a map freeze.

The game before this I did really welly putting pressure on Benji below me so basically had it in my head that i could do that again.

I was so blinded by this (almost literally) I ignored murder teddy for way to long. Murder Teddy has been a write-off for a lot of games (mainly due to learning, and refusing to learn to haha) so i didn't see him as a threat. But every other game or so he really seems to pull his finger out and do some damage.

Anyway, I died, then Womplemuppet, then the game went to Benji?

We've just started another game on this map. Should post about that one too.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
(08-05-2019, 09:01 AM)NZs no.3 Wrote: Anyway, I died, then Womplemuppet, then the game went to Benji?

We've just started another game on this map. Should post about that one too.

Yeah I died the turn after this to a surprise treb spawn, then Benji defeats Teddy after a long fight. It was like an impressive 25+ turns. This new game from turn 1 has been going in a completely different direction. I'd prefer to post with a delay though, since I'm in with a chance to win.
jesus benji take your time.
So Jordan, what improvements did you have in mind for web river anyway? I think it needs a few tweaks but I sorta like the open-ness? better than having chokepoints.
I was thinking a mountain or two for some extra defense/slow down units by the rivers maybe? idk the space is great, was probably deigned like that on purpose.

having said that 50% of maps from advance wars BY DEVS have been bad and really unbalanced. So maybe they had no idea and fluked it.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
I reckon the borders should be made more even, it doesn't seem to be intentional which teams have good and bad borders, and the access to the middle is probably unfair too?
To me it looks like p1 and p3 have more land, more chance to move. While p2 and p4 have less land, more rivers, but more opportunity for money.

Everyone can make a near equal bee-line for more money tho.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
I mean the squares around the borders not (just) the dividing of the borders. Like which borders have empty spaces or trees next to them, and which borders have two cities lined up opposed to behind each other.

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