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Poena cullei
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Wikipedia Wrote:
At the time of Emperor Hadrian (2nd century CE), the most well known form of the punishment was documented, where a cock, a dog, a monkey and a viper were inserted in the sack. At the time of Hadrian poena cullei was made into an optional form of punishment for parricides (the alternative was being thrown to the beasts in the arena).

During the 3rd century CE up to the accession of Emperor Constantine, poena cullei fell out of use; Constantine revived it, now with only serpents to be added in the sack. Well over 200 years later, Emperor Justinian reinstituted the punishment with the four animals, and poena cullei remained the statutory penalty for parricides within Byzantine law for the next 400 years, when it was replaced with being burned alive. Poena cullei gained a revival of sorts in late medieval and early modern Germany, with late cases of being drowned in a sack along with live animals being documented from Saxony in the first half of the 18th century.
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man we never have any exciting punishments these days.
in my dying moments maybe I'd try using the viper's fangs as a sack opener.
(08-06-2019, 08:46 AM)new_username Wrote: viper's fangs as a sack opener
good call,

You gotta wonder if there was a good legalistic/moral/storytime justification that made reviving this execution style appropriate, or if emperors just read old books and saw cool shit from the past and were all "yeah fuck yeah let's try this one out next time"

Imagine being declared guilty for a thing, and then the judge examines a sidebar of fun alternative sentences they could use
hypothetical judge Wrote:normally we'd send you to jail for 12 years but instead we're gonna take a kidney and some spare skin for some transplant patients...
actually nah I haven't had someone rolled down a hill in a barrel of rancid butter... okay I sentence you to 40 consecutive rotten butter barrel rolls and a kick in the balls." *gavel sound*

cruel and unusual punishments seem much more fun than boring and bloodless ones
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