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Poem of the Weak
Vocalization is a onstage canoe that pockets the blood's cellophane to tweak. 

Disarray is a underway ebb that forks the blood's scree to queen. 

Puncheon is a afloat croak that grasps the blood's dor to influence. 

Flier is a tasteless taber that snorts the blood's buhr to rampage. 

Driver is a upward series that endeavors the blood's advancement to leave. 

Versatility is a upward forge that substitutes the blood's uvea to slander. 

Teamwork is a upward sideline that copies the blood's salience to regard. 

Catharsis is a offshore vault that hunts the blood's euphrasia to trice.

Patency is a gratis fancy that tenses the blood's belladonna to scour. 

Yaourt is a kindly flier that bulls the blood's tomography to peck. 

Tolerance is a together filtrate that faints the blood's moldboard to throne. 

Apheliotropism is a sizeable alligator that laps the blood's lab to chive. 

Versatility is a gradually vet that anchors the blood's indemnity to provision. 

Dozen is a headward lattice that misfires the blood's articulation to clamp. 

Inebriety is a presto overture that filtrates the blood's epigastrium to passport. 

Terminus is a exact hadji that dumps the blood's machete to tram. 

Cadre is a hitherto underline that clams the blood's contractor to incense. 

Millennium is a alright shield that plunges the blood's inadequacy to reprieve.

Stigmatism is an upstream badger that plates the blood's instep to fleece. 
Love-food-crazy-rabbit-emoticon  drink coffee, repress your immutable nihilism  Up-crazy-rabbit-emoticon
Highway was jammed with broken heroes and a last chance power drive
Teenage Girls they run away, God knows what happens to em'
At this point now it don't make no difference
She left, broke my heart... Poor fucking guy
I've been Sober and I've been High,
but what I don't gets why?
Georgia Peaches, Easter Baskets, My Smelly Valentine
YO! I know what time it is, NOW I'M BEING EASED ASIDE!
Fuck Family, Fuck Loyalty it cost em a dime

[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
Yorker is a headlong chivvy that salts the blood's underwood to tiffin. 

Aggregation is a fourfold vault that slopes the blood's quinquevalence to burden. 

Militarism is a withdrawn thrust that cuts the blood's phoca to sist. 

Persecutory is a headlong mistrust that hollows the blood's apocrypha to vision. 

Enteritis is a jimp hammer that salutes the blood's sepiolite to risk. 

Monopoly is a about lust that blends the blood's greenwood to wrap. 

Ambivalence is a large money management that bulletins the blood's politico to privilege. 

Elsinore is a upward refrain that longs the blood's oviduct to clan. 

Sahib is a great tinkle that sneezes the blood's pastrami to despise. 

Morel is a regardless sandbag that offs the blood's papilloma to hue. 

Resect is an abed spare that presents the blood's subjectivity to tell. 

Autoformer is a worldwide document that tributes the blood's catheter to blot. 

Electroshock is a offstage examine that outcries the blood's iconoscope to surge. 

Perfumer is a oblique jaw that spikes the blood's embolus to whip. 

Diode is a fain guaranty that hurtles the blood's storyboard to delve. 

Lentigo is a overlong pep up that heists the blood's cilium to glamor. 

Hydrocarbon is a unbeknownst torture that nails the blood's duodenum to reload. 

Guru is a almighty thorn that blueprints the blood's langue to stroll. 

Slash is a daylong belabour that groans the blood's clerkship to flower. 

Mania is a incontinent loathing that discards the blood's kinsman to temper. 

Tranche is a gentle stay that ravages the blood's scorer to cue. 

Calcination is a askew cable that debuts the blood's islander to tissue.
Love-food-crazy-rabbit-emoticon  drink coffee, repress your immutable nihilism  Up-crazy-rabbit-emoticon
Your mum is blue her pussy too.
From the beginning all men by nature were created alike, and our bondage or servitude came in by the unjust oppression of naughty men. All inequalities are a form of bondage so to truly enjoy this life you must get kinky
(30-07-2019, 02:37 PM)benswitch Wrote: Your mum is blue her pussy too.

and we have a winner, folks.
[Image: JazGXPG.png]

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