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Box Art Appreciation
So Sony is releasing a Playstation only line with new box art for a bunch of bunch of games and I think they are pretty great.  I think its this generation of platinum  games with much better box art.  Any other box art that people love?

[Image: spider-man-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep...641?%24Icon%24]
[Image: lastofus-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep19...989?%24Icon%24]
[Image: wipeout-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep19_...881?%24Icon%24]
[Image: shadow-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep19_1...699?%24Icon%24]
[Image: ratchetclank-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3s...320?%24Icon%24]
[Image: lastguardian-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3s...700?%24Icon%24]
[Image: bloodborne-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep...715?%24Icon%24]
[Image: uncharted-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep1...122?%24Icon%24]
[Image: godofwar-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep19...982?%24Icon%24]
[Image: horizon-o-ring-pack-3D-01-ps4-gb-3sep19_...252?%24Icon%24]
Most of these designs actually look meh imo, though I can definitely understand buying them for the novelty. I think I like the uncharted one the most?
Huh. That's actually really cool. I like them alot. I am surprised Wipeout and The Last Guardian got some love too.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
best boxart I've ever seen would be wc3 / FT. I guess box-art is only for collector's editions nowdays...

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