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Vampire Academy (Books)
[Image: 81NeF%2B7MpBL.jpg]
I read them on my ereader and they can't actually be this substantive of books they read so fast so easy it's junk food teen vampire romance at it's finest

This Korean Vampire Film

Arguably there are much greater vampire films out but this is a personal favourite. Strange and dark and Korean and a sloppy complex mess of a plot

what about yous? what are your FAVOURITE VAMPIRE STORIES?
[Image: JazGXPG.png]
I got some:

Legacy of Kain series. Real good vampire games with great story and characters. On of my favorite series from back in the day.

Hellsing was/probably still is real good shit for vampire lovers.

I Am Legend is great. It's also influential in the development of zombie/vampire genre and popularizing the concept of a worldwide apocalypse that's spread by a disease. Very good book actually. Average as fuck movie with Will Smith.
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