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Wargroove - 2v1 - for shame if we lose this
[Image: db5z3Li.png]

So admin and I challenged a random on the Wargroove discord server and he agreed to 1v2. Of course, the map is balanced in their favour but with our combined minds and two commanders vs the easter egg commander (he has no groove) there's no way we can lose, right?

Above is the battle plan: It's admin's turn now and therefore he can get to the far city before the opponent commander (so I say prioritise that over getting the back cities). Yellow has two barracks so it makes sense to give you more of the cities so take the middle ones, pump out those units.
The purple arrows is where he should attack from.
I'll have about 500g~ income on one barracks so can make mage/ranger/knight per turn, you'll have 700g~ income to make spears and later trebs I guess? idk.

Big question is, do I fight with my commander on the east or do I run ASAP to your corner to rescue your commander?
this is the wargroove content I'm excited to see
[Image: JazGXPG.png]
more ideas:

1) I'm going to capture the centre-most of the two cities next to my commander after taking the one below her, it's easier to defend and it puts my commander more towards your commander
2) looking at the terrain trebs are impeded by the stone and forest quite a lot. I still think they're OP but we can't exactly attack with them
3) sending a mage through the middle river might be very annoying to him
4) the longer we can trade even the higher chance we have of winning with two commanders (still think this is a bit shady but whatever). we should attack first when we can make good trades so we get attackers bonus but as long as we hold onto our cities we win eventually
also if he's going to be greedy and have his commander lone wolf the whole left side, keep him busy with one unit and send the rest to the middle maybe. not that we want to through units away but we have more leeway to do this as charging his groove does jack all
Yeah he needs to send backup to his commander on the left side. Lets see how this goes. Capture as many buildings as you can, while trying to keep it even. Even now you may end up with 200~ income than me.

But having said that due to barrack placement you may not get there first.

Lets see.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
leaving the middle city to you, maybe the one on the right of it too (so like the diagram). So you've got the far one around his base and the middle one with your mage, things are looking fine imo so far.

scrapped taking the one to the left of my commander because I realised I can be greedy I think. this might even put us up a city.

[Image: LjggFCB.png]

update including operation WAGON: at some point when I'm near full charge build a wagon and get it to the pink X, then drop off at max distance will put me in groove range the next turn.
Hmm he has 3 barracks, to my two and your one. Anyway to storm that barrack near you so we all have 2 each? I think its a well designed map, this guy might be good....Judging by discord he plays all day...

Also he got 2 balloons now. Which hes using to unit up my side real quick.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
nah that barracks is crazy hard to push.. I still have tower though so I can make air + mage per turn atm. just it'll all get shut down with one ballista.
we might lose this
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps

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