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  FLCL Episode 6 - "FLCLimax" FINALLY Discussion [SPOILERS]
Posted by: Oathy - 21-07-2018, 09:44 PM - Forum: Degenerates - Replies (4)

Well Its here, I hope everyone made it.

Music - "Another Morning" This song came out in 1992!

I thought there was some reference to the red cube kanti was putting back together in this episode. I guess not.

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  FLCL Episode 5 - "Brittle Bullet" Discussion [SPOILERS]
Posted by: Oathy - 20-07-2018, 08:45 PM - Forum: Degenerates - Replies (5)

With the gun episode over, its only the season finally to go!

Naota starts to get a bit full of himself this episode, thinking hes the hero who saved the town. But really I think hes just being used for his head by Haruko. In the end all he ends up being is the ammo for the robots gun.

Who I really feel sorry for is Mamimi, shes going through a lot of shit. Favorite character for sure.

Featured song - "Blues Drive Monster"

Is anyone apart from AdminGG, Silent Sun and I even watching anymore?

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  Magic Players, UNITE
Posted by: Oathy - 19-07-2018, 09:13 PM - Forum: Video Game Discussion - Replies (5)

So if you haven't heard theres a magic the gathering PC game that is supposed to be actually good.
I played one game and gave up on it, but if you want to give it a go I've got a few beta keys.
Go for gold!

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  FLCL Episode 4 - "Full Swing" Discussion [SPOILERS]
Posted by: Oathy - 19-07-2018, 08:43 PM - Forum: Degenerates - Replies (3)

The baseball episode is here. A lot went on in this episode but I think the main take aways are:

  • Haruko fucks with Naota buy making him think his dad and her were doing the fooly cooly
  • Theres an intergalactic organisation who are trying to stop whatever Haruko is upto 
  • Naota was willing to kill his dad because he was jealous
  • Haruko can pull guitars out of peoples heads, Naotas makes girls get nose bleeds
  • Naota has pretty much fallen for Haruko, even if he might be in denial (poor Mamimi)
As always, featured song of the episode "Little Busters"

EDIT: How are we feeling about double episode Friday? I'm thinking might be good to stick with an episode a day. Gives us more time to discuss the episodes individually and it might be a lot to take in watching 2 episode together. Thoughts?

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  FLCL Episode 3 - "Marquis de Carabas" [SPOILERS]
Posted by: Oathy - 18-07-2018, 09:02 PM - Forum: Degenerates - Replies (5)

The cat episode is here! A lot of awesome stuff in this episode, and in a bit easier to follow, in my opinion.

I love the way the animator uses the same frames over an over. When Ninamori is eating the curry with the "I don't think its any big deal" scene and when Haruka is sitting on the top bunk and its the same smile she does with different replies.

The song I'm gonna feature tonight is "Stalker". This was also in the last episode when Mamimi is sitting in her circle of cigarettes. Has an awesome breakdown at 2 minutes.

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  Having trouble sleeping?
Posted by: Oathy - 17-07-2018, 10:21 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (1)

The purple boys can help

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  FLCL Episode 2 - "Firestarter" Discussion [SPOILERS]
Posted by: Oathy - 17-07-2018, 08:27 PM - Forum: Degenerates - Replies (14)

Episode 2 is here! Mostly about Mamimi. Probably my favorite episode in the series too!

It features an awesome song - "Hybrid Rainbow", the pillows really are top notch. You should be happy they decided to come back to do the music for season 2 and 3. FLCL really wouldnt be the same.

After watching this through I noticed that once of the scenes was animated really weirdly and had japanese on the bottom of the screen. The animators took a lot of inspiration from other popular animators (just wait for the south park scene!) at the time so I wonder if they were copying someone here?
I took some screenshots of the scenes, translate please!

Quote of the episode:

Quote:Exactly where does the truth end and lies begin, Samijima Mamimi and Haruhara Haruko. A lot of lies are flowing around me. These two new horns that sprang up, a true story that seems like a lie.

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  FLCL Episode 1 - "Fooly Cooly" Discussion [SPOILERS]
Posted by: Oathy - 16-07-2018, 08:09 PM - Forum: Degenerates - Replies (9)

The crazy ride has begun! I'm making this thread an hour early because a few of us in the discord have watched it already.

There are so many things I love about this episode. The crazyness, the music, the comic scene. So many great quotes too.

What did everyone think?

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Posted by: Oathy - 16-07-2018, 04:39 PM - Forum: Degenerates - Replies (1)

Just a reminder because I forgot to post earlier.


Discussion thread goes up at 9PM

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  Whats going on in NZ politics
Posted by: ████ - 15-07-2018, 05:52 PM - Forum: Unrealpolitik - Replies (3)

Did she pop one out yet? What names do I need to know? Is Gareth Morgan still a thing? Enlighten me

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Rainbow Archer Season 9
Posted by: crispier taco - 11-07-2018, 09:20 PM - Forum: Music, Movies, and TV Shows - Replies (8)

It's out on Netflix!
[Image: OKXgSdL.jpg]
I think they've long given up on continuity or integrity and are now just having a fun romp beating the dead horses of their characters and bringing us all along for the wake/beatdown.

Definitely going to watch it though, slightly drunk already so I think I'll sink a few hours into this tonight for sure

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  GG's Quick Retro Review Thread
Posted by: NZs no.3 - 11-07-2018, 06:05 PM - Forum: Video Game Discussion - Replies (3)

I've made like 4 arcades now, and built so many RetroPie's for myself and mates (which I need to make another thread about). It's become a real hobby putting together machines designed to play older games and it's made me explore many old game consoles and arcade systems.

I'm continually tweaking the games included on the RetroPie systems I make which means I end up testing loads of games as they are added and tweaked. Since I've been playing and enjoying so many, I wanted to make a 'quick review thread' on some of my favorites played.

First up: Donkey Kong '94

Game: Donkey Kong '94
Release: 1994
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Platformer
Platform: Game Boy

The game is called Donkey Kong, but seems to be referred as Donkey Kong '94 to avoid confusion with the 1981 release. Not that Nintendo and their naming conventions make much sense usually.

Anyway I discovered this game when mucking around with Game Boy games that had support for the Super Game Boy, which is a peripheral for playing Game Boy games on your TV using a Super Nintendo. The game has extensive SGB support including almost full colour support and a cool border making it look like the original Donkey Kong arcade. I've been able to emulate SGB on my RetroPie so I've been playing it like this.

At a surface glance, it looks like a straight port of arcade Donkey Kong for Game Boy. The first few levels which are just straight Donkey Kong: climb the ladders and platforms, jump barrels, get to the top, save the lady. Once you do this 3 times, the game changes:

[Image: nZq8JOB.png]

You kick Donkey Kong's shit, then BAM its time for the Big City baby!

[Image: ZBE9FLi.png]

All the sudden the game is different. It goes way past being a straight Donkey Kong port and reveals itself to be it's own game. It becomes more like a puzzle platformer, and Mario himself becomes more of an acrobat. He is able to handstand and do super jumps, it's great. Every few levels or so you have a boss encounter with Kong and then one at the end of the world you are in. Each subsequent world starts to introduce new puzzle elements like spring jumps and horizontal or vertical platforms you can place, all while keeping the same goal: get to the top.

Right now im in Egypt world I guess:

[Image: mN1gvU0.png]

And I'm having a blast. Each world is unique enough in design, with it's own enemies and so forth. It's great for pickup and play sessions and each level only takes a minute or two really. I loved it so much I had to own a copy, hence my recent purchase of a Jap copy in my pickups thread.

10/10 do play.

Bonus: here's some gameplay:

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