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Forum Game: The Crystal Mage
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The plan is to implement the dodge system today, and hopefully get a mostly functioning buff-on-equip system working for gear. After that, I can make an Admin GG character sheet, and give you a chance to dodge those shots.

It'll still be run through Skype, or some other form of voice chat. The accountant class is rapidly becoming close to irrelevant, as the systems I'm putting in place automatically track everything the accountant existed to do, and combat will be as fast as rolling whichever dice your action requires, plugging it into the right cell, and having it auto-calculate damage done.

After I get the combat equations sorted, I'll just have to work on monster creation.
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Great technical strides are being made, but there seems to be a limitation in the "engine" that everything's being built on (a spreadsheet....).

This means one of two things. We'll either be limited to 10 of equipment type, or I'll have to design and implement a really, really tedious system which'll be an enormous pain in the arse.

If I can find a workaround for this issue, it'll be a breakthrough that could potentially speed up and improve the things that are left to firm up.

Until I find such a workaround, however, things'll be on hold again. I'll make a note here, though, in case I eventually find a way around this issue:

Apothecary class

Also, on a sunnier front, everyone now has their own personal inventory. What a big, robust change which is based on unsteady logic that was!

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