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cringe will prevail
the worlds most uncool yet highly entertaining music competition, Eurovision, will have it's finals tonight in 5 hours. Check out Australia (the greatest of the european countries yeah yeah):

and Iceland:

I watched the semi-finals last night and am deeply disappointed that Poland didn't get in yet Czech Republic, Belarus and Greece did. Travesty.

so the results were rather disappointing. I'm happy there was an upset against Sweden at the very end, I hated their performance and it's so unmemorable I can't tell you a single thing about it apart from that. I'd put the winners The Netherlands in the top 10. voting politics definitely played a huge part in them winning (just like North Macedonia getting all of the throwaway votes).
Germany getting not a single point and uk getting only 3 in the public vote was a laugh. I was actually surprised Germany was 3rd to last overall, it wasn't a bad performance. No, I didn't vote for them (you get 10 votes so you can easily vote for everyone you found moderately good/funny or just memorable), but I would have over a large percentage of the total finals pool (fuck you Czech Republic).

here's a glimpse of all the final acts:

acts in order judged by finals performance:

joke tier:

hate tier:
(czech republic)

14.Belarus (would have been higher if the singer could actually sing)
13.Slovenia (the 'song' (its just the same line repeated for minutes) was awful but it was great to laugh at)
12.Czech Republic (grudgeful acknowledgment that the song is catchy)
11.Russia (perfect singing but the edge is just too high. honestly I feel real bad putting him down here)
10 Estonia (generic)
9.Australia (again great singing, points for singing on bendy sticks and vfx, points lost for yodeling and overall it's a mish-mash of themes)
8.San Marino (hahahahahahahahaa)(good pop song with a singer that obviously can't sing that low, if at all. he's actually a dentist which is really cool)
7.The Netherlands (average song and good singing with bad lyrics and bad presentation. he's definitely genuine)
6.Iceland (costumes)
5.[Poland would go around here somewhere, awesome vibe but repetitive song with problems with its structure]
4.Cyprus (good song brought down english lyrics being corny and weird singing at parts. great costume. would sound better live I imagine)
3~ Denmark (unique generic pop song)
2.Norway (song is a bit weird, but obviously the hook chorus is good and it's got energy, ya know?)
1.Spain (generic as fuck fiesta song, no problems with that. main problem was staging)

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