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Dark Sooooouls is really good
I am abysmal at Dark Souls. Like, really really bad. Like, kill myself irl bad.

Taco's my good luck charm, I only make progress when he's around.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
(26-06-2019, 03:06 PM)Jargonion Wrote: Taco's my good luck charm, I only make progress when he's around.

But when he plays DS1/2, will you be his?
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Have been meaning to post some pics from my DS2 run.

[Image: rUQYW11.jpg]

[Image: sQwrZPa.jpg]

Man, I just love the level designs. Always so scenic and atmospheric.

[Image: 9H7O1Zi.jpg]

This was such a cool area to wander into after taking out a dragon in a giant bird cage. Really cool area.

[Image: hlF5Htl.jpg]

And you can bet your ass i killed this giant dragon. Took awhile too. Not a hard fight at all, just he can kill you in 2 hits if you are not careful.

A few more:

[Image: sybNIfV.jpg]

[Image: XOGVcyt.jpg]

[Image: ZrnHXv5.jpg]

[Image: VeZT1d0.jpg]

[Image: V7ZQRq3.jpg]

Some cool environmental story telling here.

You can see from my build I didn't change my armor much. I upgraded it so far that nothing else came close without pouring lots of resources into it. The Zweihander was my weapon of choice. Awesome great sword.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Dark Souls 3: done.

28 hours, level 97. In comparison Dark Souls 2 took me 45 hours. So it's way shorter. I even did all optional areas and bosses. I have not done the DLCs yet. But there are only 2, so might only raise it by a few hours.

Fantastic game. The end boss: Soul of Cinder was great. And NO LIE I got him on my second try. He was tough as, and a combination of all 4 Lord of Cinder bosses from the game. Then he goes all Gwyn on you in his second phase.

I enjoyed Dark Souls 3 more than 2. It was more of a challenge for sure, and the current gen improvements to gameplay and mechanics were more refined. Top game.

I think, THINK, I might play Dark Souls 1 now.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Oh, yes. I remember reading about this.
[Image: 0Bec9YA.png]
Finished the first DLC. Only a couple of hours long, and 2 bosses. The second boss was really cool though and was a 3 stage fight.

The painted world of Ariandel was the DLC. Basically a big snow area with wolves and heavy hitting enemies with giant bowmen and lots of chances to suffer from frostbite.

It was good, but ultra short. Probably would not have paid for it but since this was all bundled of course i was gonna play.

Have started the second DLC, the Ringed City. Which from reading a brief overview is waaaaaay bigger so looking forward to that.

It has started with a poison swamp area though...
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Finished the second DLC: The Ringed City. And with that I've done Dark Souls 3.

Level 112, 34.5 hours total.

The Ringed City DLC was much better, but still not that long. Only 3-4 hours probably? First dlc was a couple hours or so. It was 2 areas, one starting with a fucking poision swap with giant death Angels shooting laser beams at you from above. Very annoying, but the area wasn't that long at all. Lead to a cool demon boss fight.

The actually Ringed City itself was much cooler. I liked this area. 3 bosses including a giant purple dragon on a bridge. The area was pretty brutal, but I did have some help from randoms online. I actually did most of the DLC when some mates were over, I was showing them how the game worked with online etc. and summoned so dudes then did most the area while chatting with them.

The end boss was great: Slave Knight Gael. He had a few stages and was in your face the entire time. I did end up needing some help for this guy.

Really good dlc. 8/10.

Now, we ain't done yet. Onto Dark Souls remastered baby!
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Oh boy. Dark Souls 1 has aged the worse out of the lot for sure.

- No traveling between bonfires. Im mean, its fine, there are enough shortcuts to get around, but man it makes for a lot of wasted time back tracking and dying.
- Clunky as all fuck. It feels the worst out of all the games so far. Its so slow, but in a bad way. You have to be real delberate with your roll direction or it just dives you forward
- Weight system sucks. You need to be wearing almost nothing just to get a quick/normal roll. I do have Havels ring now which makes it a lot better.
- Blighttown still sucks a big fat one in 2019
- The lighting in this game sucks ass. It's so bad. Tilt the camera up or down past a certain point and levels are either illuminated or pitch black. Why didn't they overhaul the lighting for the remaster?
- I know the game is old so this is a low-blow, but yeah the graphics are nothing special. Even by their standards.
- Camera is tits. I love getting stuck up against walls so i can't move the camera. Or clipping through buildings or terrain and obscuring my view.
- takes you 5 years to drink one estus flask.
- Enemies are more formidable for sure. They just ruin your day. The rest of the games definitely lack this a little bit (probably for the better). The feeling of it being a slog just to go back through an area since you can die even to scrub enemies so quick.

All this said, I'm still having a blast. It's great, its the true Dark Soul's experience. Im one easy boss away from ringing the second bell, a feat that took me 10+ hours the first time and only a handful this time.

level design was probably at its best here. Here and Bloodborne. Since you can't fast travel, the way everything is interconnected with shortcuts is amazing. Really amazing level design.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Ok so once you defeat Ornstein and Smough you then get the ablility to travel between certain key bonfires. The game is far more enjoyable now.

I also got my weapon to level 15, and have a few upgrades for my estus flasks. Waaaay better.

Defeated Sif. What a little push over. Stand beneath him and he literally can't touch you with any hit.

Defeated the 4 Kings. They got me a couple times, but the key is to just rush their ass so you kill em before the next one spawns. Ezy.

Seath the Scaleless is next. Bring it you naked dragon fuck.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps
Finished Dark Souls 1 yesterday night. It really is the most Dark Souls of the all the Dark Souls games. I was level 93, and it took 29 hours on the dot. As of yesterday it's also 2 months to the day that I started Dark Souls 2. So 2 months to finish the entire trilogy.

Really enjoyed it once the first 1/3 of the game was out of the way. I did all optional areas, bosses, and did the DLC.

Hardest bosses: Knight Artorias, Ornstein and Smough, Gwyn, Manus. Everyone else wasn't too bad and only took 1 or 2 tries or just rolled over and died when the fight started. Two of the above bosses are from the DLC continuing their trend of making the most challenging bosses be post-game content.

Gwyn deserves his own little segment. He was a great final boss. Relentless and always attacking. Overwhelming at first, then just something I had to keep trying at. 3 games of me never parrying a shot and I had to learn for Gwyn in an hour. If you want to make it a manageable fight you have to parry his attacks and fuck him up with a counter blow. He took 7 attempts in total, which is a lot considering most bosses are dead second try for me or if I'm having trouble maybe 3 or 4 times. He was harder than the DS3 end game boss for sure, and he was waaay harder than the joke of an end game boss that was DS2 (even though that was a 3 bosses in a row and was very cool, just easy).

I got used to the slow pace and slightly janky/clunky controls in the end. Got used to shitty hit detection and smacking walls that shouldn't be in the way all the time with your sword. It was a really solid game.

I think I would still recommend 3 or Bloodborne off the bat as an entry to the series. The newer ones are the better ones. Better controls, graphics, hit detection, faster paced combat etc. all the improvements make them better. But if you are really committed to playing them all, then start with DS1 and work in order. That way each game becomes an improvement on the last. In my case, 2 then 3 then 1 was an odd order. It was really hard going from 3 to 1 for awhile there.

I can see the praise that 1 still gets today. It's the most Dark Souls of them all. A real brutal challenge in places, large enemy variety, brilliant interconnected level design, great atmosphere, and some of the most solid bosses of the series. It's 50% challenging because of the shit lighting, slow clunky combat at times, some terrible narrow shitty walk ways and places to fall off the map, and then 50% challenging because of the ruthless enemy encounters, bosses, and environments. It suffers from itself and being the first (second) entry of the series with nowhere to go but up and strives for also being the most itself and so representative still of what Dark Souls is as a game series to people.

The equipment load mechanic is at its worst in this game imo. Even with Havel's Ring I couldn't wear much past leather armor the ENTIRE GAME without reducing my roll to a sluggish throw to the ground. So if you want to wear a nice armor set with high defence or some Knight armor etc. then prepare for a slow roll unless you pour all your levels exclusively into endurance. So it sort of feels restricted, like you are not allowed a quick/medium roll in any decent armor. For me, the bitch of a man who does not parry, rolling is a must to get out of the way of every incoming attack. I put 30+ levels into endurance and even with Havel's Ring I could never wear more than some okish hard leather armor all game.

This is because equip weight above 25% and up to 50% of Equip Load gives medium movement. HOWEVER there are also two different speeds to medium rolls, above and below 37.5%. For me above that magic number of >37.5% was still too slow of a roll. So I had to stay below that.

All the others games (DS2/3/BB) are basically all this:
30.0% – 69.9% - Regular state: medium rolls. Fast backsteps. Which is perfectly fine. Unless you are near naked you are never going to get the lightning roll speeds anyway.

So all the others games are much more lenient. Is this casualising Dark Souls for the masses? I don't think so, its just better. Now you have much more variety in what you wear while still having a good dodge roll.

In my case I'm always bursting at the seams anyway. I have a big sword always, and a shied, plus a magic fire hand, and decent bow with loads of arrows all the time. This requires the use of some sort of weight buff ring so keep my weight down at all times. I don't like having to switch out in the menus for stuff and prefer to have all i need equipped at once.

Final rating though, pretty dam neat game. High praise all around. I get why 1 i still so loved as said above. To rate them as I feel now:

Bloodborne > 3 ≥ 1 > 2

Bloodborne is still my favorite since its perfected the combat and pace of the game while introducing solid new mechanics. Ditched the series problem of being able to walk through the game getting away with everything behind and shield, and has the best atmosphere and setting next to DS1.

Outside of SoulsBorne Sekiro beats them all.

I understand the above rating may upset the only other person who has even played this games on the forum. And to you I say, I love them all. I really do. DS2 is fantastic, but I never struggled with it's bosses past 1 or 2 of them. The others are just all slightly better. RIP all its cool mechanics that were never used again though.

Anyway, heres me on the way to wreck Gwyn:

[Image: D_j9MuCVUAA_lCm.jpg]

and heres the painted world of something (forget the name) a cool but short optional area.

[Image: D_j9NALUcAAYL_K.jpg]

I forgot to take screenshots past the ones the PS4 takes automatically which is basically just a boss kill screen.
Liams Wrote:make a car out of scrap metal from genie lamps

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